Gordon Parks Museum Receives Abstracts Created By Parks

A panel in the Gordon Parks Museum.

Fort Scott, Kan. Aug.1, 2023 – Dr. Matthew Goltl, a Wichita chiropractor and longtime admirer of Gordon
Parks, has donated four of the celebrated photographer’s master prints to the Gordon Parks Museum
at Fort Scott Community College.

The 17-by-22 images are from “The Gordon Parks Signature Collection: Images from the Soul” by
Marcia McCoy, photographer and friend of Parks.
The photographs – titled “Moondown,” “Sky Song,” “Stream-side Blossoms” and “A Memory” – will
become part of the museum’s collections.

“We are so very thankful to Dr. Goltl for this wonderful contribution to our museum; this is a wonderful
addition to our collections,” said Kirk Sharp, executive director.

McCoy also teamed with Parks and Robert Erlichman of Art Guild Press to create an edition suite of
the many iconic photos taken by the Fort Scott native.

“Mr. Parks is a national treasure and has inspired creators globally to have the courage to create and
express their voices and visions,” she said. “We are delighted to share these powerful and inspiring
abstracts with you and the world.”

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