GNAT Setting Up To Help Neighbors With Outside Projects

A Good Neighbor Action Team past project, before volunteers, worked on painting the house. From the Good Neighbor Action Team Facebook page.
After the GNAT volunteers painted the house. From the GNAT Facebook page.
Good Neighbor Action Team is gathering resources and also looking forward to helping people with projects in the community of Fort Scott.
 If a person is interested in serving on the committee, organizing a group of friends, co-workers, a civic club, relatives, or your neighborhood, contact Craig Campbell on the Good Neighbor Action Team Facebook page.
The first organizational meeting of the  2021 GNAT season is at 4 p.m. on March 18 at  Fort Scott City Hall.

“Clint Anderson, the Bourbon County Appraiser, will speak on the topic of GNAT projects and the impact on assessed valuations of the property,” Campbell said. “AndJeremy Frazier, Fort Scott City Manager, will speak on his experience with a similar organization in Cushing, OK.”


“I am willing to meet with citizens in small groups if unable to attend the first meeting on the 18th,” Campbell said.

Interested people are encouraged to attend the meeting.
Ideas will be discussed for this year’s projects.

For over a decade the Good Neighbor Action Team has been helping Fort Scottians with painting, helping rid yards of debris, building handicap ramps, and other needed projects.


The team provides help for those who are not able to do the job themselves.



GNAT has tried to handle the project workloads using the model of Habitat For Humanity, Campbell said.


Work project recipients are asked to provide family and friends to assist GNAT workers.


For example, if GNAT provides five people, the recipient will need to bring five people to help with the project, he said in the prior feature.


In addition,  proof of income is required with one of the following: income tax return, pay stubs from the last two paychecks, a Vision card or Healthwave card.


Logo from the Good Neighbor Action Team Facebook page.



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      1. Craig
        I noticed the Beacon was named as a place to pick up a application .
        Please send me a copy of the application so I can give out to clients or anyone who comes in asking for it .
        Dave Gillen
        Beacon Director

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