FSHS Results of Math Relay

Front row: Kirryn Sprague, Audra Montjo, Karlie Chipman, Zaria Byrd Middle row: Allie Hawkins, Sierra Wright, Alex Bukowski, Amanda Emmerson, Landon Doharty, Dryden Cosens, Shekhar Gugnani Back row: Grant Feagins, Zoe Self, Khris Patel, Bobby Kemmerer, Collin Thomas, Neil Gugnani, Elijah Self, Aidan Marcum, Caleb Trim, Dominik Bishop
Fort Scott High School sent 21 students to the Allen County College Red Devils Invitational Math Relay on March 7.
“Many of these students (marked with *)entered events at a grade level higher than their actual grade because we had so many freshmen attend that we ran out of spots in the 9th-grade competitions,” said Angie Kemmerer, the gifted teacher for the district.

Here is how the students performed:

Computational Math:
Shekhar Gugnani – 1st in 9th grade
Word Problems:
Collin Thomas – 1st in 9th grade
Dominik Bishop – 5th in 9th grade
Zaria Byrd – 5th in 10th grade*
Math Potpourri:
Shekhar Gugnani – 1st in 10th grade*
Kirryn Sprague – 2nd in 9th grade
Elijah Self – 3rd in 10th grade*
Equations & Inequalities:
Shekhar Gugnani – 1st in 11th grade*
Aiden Marcum – 4th in 9th grade
Grant Feagins – 5th in 9th grade
Neil Gugnani – 1st in 9th grade
Elijah Self – 2nd in 9th grade
Sierra Wright – 3rd in 9th grade
Algebra Relay for 9th grade only:
2nd place for the team of Dominik Bishop, Collin Thomas, Elijah Self, Kirryn Sprague
4th place for the team of Karlie Chipman, Zaria Byrd, Amanda Emmerson, Alexa Bukowski
Algebra Relay for 9th through 12th grade:
3rd place for the team of Shekhar Gugnani, Neil Gugnani, Zoe Self, Caleb Trim
Word Problem Relay for 9th through 12th grades:
3rd place for the team of Collin Thomas, Khris Patel, Bobby Kemmerer, Dryden Cosens
Students were accompanied by Morgan Felt, Kemmerer, and Karen Self.

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