FSHS Graduation August 1

A prior prom photo of the class 2020 of FSHS.
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The 156 graduates of Fort Scott High School will have an unprecedented graduation on August 1 at the football stadium on Main Street at 8 p.m.


The changes are the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is currently seeing a surge in the country and in Bourbon County.


“We are approved for an outside graduation, with masks, a limited number of guests for each student, a maximum of 6,” said Amber Toth, Fort Scott High School, Principal. The crowd will not be allowed on the field, we will dismiss our seating by section and have people leave immediately to help control crowd gatherings, and we will ensure social distancing.”


“We are not allowed to conduct graduation in the gym,” she said. ” If there is a weather issue we will reschedule time of graduation or date of graduation.”


“Teachers are allowed to attend graduation but there will not be a farewell line,” Toth said.  “We plan to have students do a lap on the track for audience members where they can wave, etc.”


The following is from the FSHS Facebook page:
“We have worked very hard to ensure we can have this ceremony and create a gathering that was approved by the health department. That means your cooperation and support will be needed moving forward. We need families to be flexible. We cannot have graduation in the gym with our current level of spread. Therefore, we may need to adjust the time etc if weather prevents us from having it at the stadium. GRADUATION WILL NOT BE OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC AND STUDENTS WILL BE GIVEN 6 TICKETS FOR GUESTS. Graduation will be live streamed for the public. We will have graduation practice on July 31st at 10:00 am. Students are required to attend so they can pick up their tickets for families and their mask at graduation practice. We will provide further details concerning entering the stadium before graduation.
1. We will expect the 6 guests from families to set together. We have provided seating for each student’s guests allowing for 6 foot distancing between families. We will expect you to follow and respect these guidelines.
2. We ask that each student’s guests enter the stadium together to help with seating.
3. You must have a ticket to enter the stadium.
4. All guests, graduates, and staff will be required to wear a mask throughout the ceremony. If you are not wearing a mask, you will not be allowed to enter the stadium but will be able to watch through the livestream from your home or car.
4. At the conclusion of graduation, no one will be allowed to enter the football field. We will do a recessional for the graduations and lead them off of the field.
5. Families will be dismissed from the bleachers one section at a time. This was an important step for getting our plan approved. We ask that you immediately leave the field when your section is dismissed so we can move to the next section.
6. You will need to meet your graduate at home or in your car after the ceremony.
7. Graduation masks will be provided for graduates and faculty.
8. If you have been mandated to quarantine while awaiting testing or have been quarantined due to a positive test or exposure, you will not be able to attend graduation. The health and safety of our community is our number one priority.”


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  1. What if my brother (graduating this year) works on the road and won’t be able to make it July 31st?

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