FSHS Forensics Teams return from Frontenac with awards

Submitted by Amber Toth, Feb. 1.

This weekend, we started Friday night together at Frontenac.

Photo Credit: Amber Toth
Photo Credit: Amber Toth

[A] great opening Friday night. Isabella Provence and Joe Adams took first in public forum debate. Darby Toth and Sebastian Loyd took second. Hunter Parker and Xavier Watkins took third. Georgia Loyd and Breana Mooney took 4th. In Lincoln Douglas debate, Tristan Watkins took 5th. Ashton Williams took 6th. In House 1, Charlotte Hutchison was the poetry and took second. Tayton Majors took 5th. In House 2, Garrett Tatro was the poetry and took 3rd. Jake Province took 6th and Seth Cross took first. And in Novice house, Chloe Studyvin took 5th. Rebekah Sweyko took third and Ethan Tatro took first.

On Saturday we split up and went to two different locations. Half of the team went to  Neodesha.  We took third as a team.

Charlotte Hutchison and Sebastian Loyd took second in duo. Charlotte took first in informative. Sebastian took second in impromptu and second in extemporaneous. Joe Adams took third in informative, first in extemporaneous and first in impromptu. Georgia Loyd and Breana Mooney took 6th in duo. Darby Toth took 6th in oration, third in extemporaneous and 4th in impromptu. Sara Al-Shawish took 5th in impromptu. And Autumn Warren-Rice took 5th in extemporaneous.

The other half of the team went to Frontenac. We took second place by four points with all first and second year students…..and Garrett Tatro. Nice work kids!!!

Garrett Tatro took 1st in oration and domestic extemporaneous. Tayton Majors took second in international extemporaneous. Ethan Tatro took 6th in international extemporaneous. Rebekah Sweyko took 6th in domestic extemporaneous and third in informative. Seth Cross took 4th in impromptu. Tristan Watkins took third in poetry. Jake Province placed 4th in poetry and 5th in informative. Asia Farrington placed 4th in humorous interpretation. Isabella Provence took first in humorous interpretation.

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