FSCC Football Program Is Terminated

Editor’s note: the minutes of last evening’s Fort Scott Community College Board of Trustees meetings were requested by fortscott.biz and the excerpt about the discontinuation of the football program is included below. The minutes are not approved until the next meeting.
Those present at the meeting were trustees: John Bartelsmeyer, Dave Elliott, Jim Fewins, Kirk Hart, Bill Meyer, and Robert Nelson.

Also present were Alysia Johnston, President, Juley McDaniel, Board Clerk, faculty, and staff.

“A motion was made by  Robert Nelson, seconded by Jim Fewins, and carried by unanimous vote to adjourn to executive session for 30 minutes beginning at 6:15 pm to discuss data relating to financial affairs or trade secrets of corporations, partnerships, trusts, and individual proprietorships as it relates to athletic programming, with action expected to follow. The Board invited Alysia Johnston and Tom Havron into executive session. At 6:45 the Board extended executive session by 10 minutes.

OPEN SESSION: A motion was made at 6:55 pm by Nelson, seconded by Fewins, and carried by unanimous vote to return to open session.

A motion was made by  Dave Elliot, seconded by Fewins, and carried by unanimous vote to add the consideration of continuation of the football program to the agenda.

A motion was made by Bill Meyer, seconded by Fewins, and carried by unanimous vote to discontinue FSCC’s football program.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to come before the Trustees, a motion to adjourn was made at 6:58 p.m. by Elliott, seconded by Hart, and carried by unanimous vote.”

The following is taken from the FSCC Facebook page.

picture of a football on a football field with the FS logo

Football Program Termination


The termination of the historic and legendary Fort Scott Community College football program was a difficult and emotional decision.

A competitive football program at FSCC is not sustainable due to the cumulative effect of limited resources, changes in Kansas Jayhawk Community College Conference (KJCCC) football eligibility rules in 2016, and the changing ethos of football in general.

We simply do not have the resources to maintain a football team that would be competitive in the Jayhawk Conference.


The FSCC football program has afforded thousands of young men the opportunity to attain a college education and was the positive, transformational experience that allowed them to be more successful in life.

The dedication, expertise, and contributions of the many outstanding coaches, community supporters, and support staff who have been part of the football program over many years is one of the reasons FSCC is loved by many of our alumni.

We would especially like to thank the current football players and coaching staff who have represented FSCC with honor, pride, and dignity this season in very trying competitive circumstances.


FSCC will honor scholarships for all football student-athletes who choose to stay at FSCC and continue their education.



FSCC Board of Trustees

Alysia Johnston, FSCC President



One thought on “FSCC Football Program Is Terminated”

  1. So sorry to see part of Fort Scott history go by the wayside. FCCC was a great part of the Asher lifestyle years ago with our five children & Mary’s sister taking courses at the school. Ken & Jerry enjoyed our times on the football field running the “down” lines and working in the press box. Kenna & Danielle we’re on the dance team that preformed at games. We have so many memories. Sorry to see it go. Ken Asher.

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