FS Commission Agenda For Oct. 6: Updated

OCTOBER 6, 2020
6 P.M.

Updated agenda adds:


Appearance by Mark McCoy – Letter of Support for the 1% Sales Tax


Director Update:  Michael Mix – Update on Lake Intake Valves


Call to Order

I.Roll Call:

K. Allen P. Allen Mitchell Nichols Watts

II.Flag Salute:

III.Invocation: Led by Paul Martin, Community Christian Church

IV.Approval of Agenda:

V.Proclamations/Recognitions: None

VI.Consent Agenda:

  1. Approval of minutes of the regular meeting of September 1st. special meeting of September 21st, 2020, and special meeting of September 28th, 2020.

  1. Approval of Appropriation Ordinance 1272-A totaling $500,184.22.

  1. Certificate of Appropriateness – Downtown Walking Trail – signage

  1. Request to Pay – HDR Engineering – River Intake Structure – $6,001.05

  1. Request to Pay – SAM, LLC – GPS/GIS Project – Water Utility – $35,000.00

  1. Pay Request #13 – Crossland Heavy Contractors, Inc – River Intake Structure – $21,401.91

  1. Request to Pay – Insituform – Sewer Rehabilitation – $126,592.72

  1. Request to Pay #4 – Home Center Construction – Water Treatment Plant Fire – $9,320.00

  1. Request to Pay – Buildet, LLC – Water Treatment Plant Fire – $45,000.00

  1. Request to Pay – MIH – R-II Concrete – $46,417.05

  1. Request to Pay – Rory Chaplin – $1,229.93

  1. Request to Pay – Lauber Municipal Law, LLC – August – $16,607.50

  1. August financials




VII.Public Comment:

(Sign up required. Comments on any topic not on the agenda and limited to 5 minutes per person, at Commission discretion)


VIII.Old Business:

1. Discussion of Pit Bull Ordinance

2. Update on Parks Advisory Board Ordinance



Alison Leach & Kristy Bowman – Proposal for Bridal Veil Park

Paul Martin – Community Christian Church – Halloween Alternative


X.New Business:

Downtown Building Improvement Grant – Sharky’s

T. A. Grant and Resolution of Support

Approval to update CDBG-CV Grant Parameters

Approval to apply for a grant from Fort Scott Area Community Foundation on behalf of Pioneer Kiwanis for a friendship swing

5. Recommendation from Lake Advisory Board to remove the sale of all City property at Lake Fort Scott

6. Recommendation from Lake Advisory Board to approve Ordinance No. 3566 amending terms of the Lake Advisory Board members

7. Recommendation from Lake Advisory Board to allow private buoys be placed in front of residences at Lake Fort Scott, but that the City purchase the buoys so they match what the State require

XI.Reports and Comments:

Director Reports:

Nate Stansberry, City Engineer:

Consideration of recommendation from the Street Advisory Board to add two (2) additional laborers so additional manpower can assist with street maintenance

Flood Plain Permit Request from Greg Schick

Susan Bancroft

Commissioner Reports and Comments:

City Attorney Report and Comments:

City Manager Report and Comments:

XII.Executive Session – if requested (Please follow script in all motions for Executive Session)

  1. XIII. Adjournment

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