Fort Scott Pool Demolition

On Friday, Dave Martin (City Manager), told the Young Professional’s League that the pool was on schedule. I went by today to check on the process and there was a large backhoe hard at work breaking up concrete.The construction company said that everything was on target. A contractor was doing the current demolition before the new construction can begin.



7 thoughts on “Fort Scott Pool Demolition”

  1. Wasn’t there supposed to be a huge crevice or empty mine underneath the pool? That is what they told everyone to get them to vote for it. I’m surprised the backhoe could even operate in there without needing to worry about a cave in. Oh wait–unless it wasn’t really true.

    1. Yes, you are right. During the “campaign” for the $6.5 million pool the first time around, this was used as a talking point. I remember it well!

  2. There was always an urban legend there was a sinkhole or mine under there, to the point where 15 years or so ago the city actually had it examined to prove that there was not if I remember correctly. I don’t recall anybody using that as a talking point in favor of a new pool, so I suspect anyone who told you that was suffering from sour grapes over the pool vote passing.

    1. I’m pretty sure I heard that come up in some of the conversations from “pro-pool” people when they were talking about water leaking out of it but I’m willing to admit that mabye I was confused and got misunderstood.

      Im just not sure the pool was as much of an issue as the horrible showers.

  3. I heard the story when the pool came up for a vote a few years ago. Mainly it seems the sink hole story circulated among the kids who were scared to death of the pool after they were exposed to pro new pool people. I lived in Fort Scott for 20 years and never heard the sink hole story until everyone started pushing for a new pool. Guess it was a lie to frighten the kids and their parents to get what the city wanted. Raising taxes is always unpopular in such a bad economy unless children’s safety is an issue. I’m sure everyone will be paying for the new pool for a long time.

    1. It really bothers me how people can make claims to push through their agenda and no one holds them accountable. For example, when the school board decided they wanted to shuffle the schools around, they said it would save money, but did it really? If it didn’t, then maybe they should put things back the way that they were.

      You can claim anything to get your way if no one holds you accountable once the facts are actually available to view.

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