County Commission Meeting – October 17th

There will be no county commission meeting on Friday due to a large meeting with 17 other South East Kansas counties in Yates Center.


There was some discussion about an individual who was stealing gravel from the roads. There was also

Mike Houston and Larry Beerbower came in to talk to the commissioners about treating the fuel that is used in the county vehicles. It is a fuel additive that they say works for gas or diesel. They claim it will increase the efficiency by 10%. It is called Xtreme Fuel Treatment. They said it will lower the ignition rate of the fuel down to 800 degrees.

Mr. Hueston said that the treatment “knocked 200 RPM off”. He also says he got 11.7 MPG instead of 11.1.

When asked if there are other counties using the product, Mr. Beerbower said that the counties that tested it decided not to use it because it would reduce their budget for next year if they had fuel savings.

County Attorney

There was some paperwork related to the lease for a rock query that was signed.

As preparation for getting bids on insurance, there was a discussion on how the city of Fort Scott handled getting quotes for insurance. The city had limited bids to companies in the city of Fort Scott based on their rules for giving preference to local businesses. The county has similar rules that can be used as part of a bid process.

Fort Scott does not have an insurance program with an “attorney assist” service. This is a service where the insured can call and ask questions of an attorney from the insurance company. The county currently has this and is using it now.

Tax Sale

The commissioners received copies of the publications from the past years from the treasurer and a copy of the list that was sent to the abstracting company.

4 thoughts on “County Commission Meeting – October 17th”

  1. On the fuel additive, I had not heard of it and generally, if you can save money using it I have no missed it, so I did some “googling”. What I found was slew of distributors with glowing recommendations. The marketing is BIG! MAJOR! But, I came across this also and found it to be more likely than not a little more reliable than a distributor’s website: I vote “No.”

    I am annoyed that the publications from past years are just now going to the County Commissioners. I know government can move slowly but my gosh! This is serious business!

    1. Sounds like a scam to me too. But if it did work I know that the county has to spend a huge amount of money on gasoline.

    2. I am annoyed that the publications from past years are just now going to the County Commissioners. I know government can move slowly but my gosh! This is serious business!

      The commissioners asked for the publication during their last meeting and received it for their next meeting. Since the work they do together has to happen in a publicly announced meeting, I don’t think it could have happened any more rapidly than it did.

      1. I don’t understand why the County Commission didn’t compile a list of “necessities” to answer the questions that the citizens have in the first place. Now, weeks later, they are requesting a list of the publications from the past. I would almost think the auditor would have been looking at those also. Why? Because of the many questions related to the payment plan dating back probably to the time that this County Treasurer took office. We are getting no answers from the people that are supposed to be representing us. I do realize the difficult position of the Commissioners. More than once, Commissioner Endicott has stated that he wants to get this behind us and this IS NOT the way to get it done.

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