Fort Scott Munitions Responsible For Loud Explosion This A.M.

The loud explosion heard this morning in Fort Scott is not a cause for alarm, according to the Fort Scott Police Department.

“What I  know is Fort Scott Munitions is testing some stuff,” Tracy Reed, FSPD Communications Manager said at 9:45 a.m.

Robbie Forester, president of Fort Scott Munitions is making a YouTube video with Hank Strange this morning, according to Steven Kalm, retail manager with FS Munitions.

“They shot about 52 pounds of tannerite,” he said. “It makes a pretty good bang.” The explosion took place southwest of Fort Scott, according to Kalm.

Strange is a YouTube personality who reviews guns.

5 thoughts on “Fort Scott Munitions Responsible For Loud Explosion This A.M.”

  1. I think they should let people know before they do this. Would be nice not to think we were under attack. Thanks.

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