Farewell to Boyko Feb. 23

Betty Boyko. Submitted photo.


The Friends of the Fort Scott National Historic  Site are inviting the public to join them in saying goodbye to long-time Superintendent Betty Boyko.

The Friends will host a reception on Wednesday, February 23 from 4 to 6 p.m. at Crooner’s Restaurant, 117 S. Main, to honor  Boyko.

Boyko is leaving her Fort Scott post to accept the Superintendent position at Homestead National Historic Park in Beatrice, Nebraska, which is closer to her family.

 “Betty has been an active part of our community since she became Superintendent in May 2006,  and she will be missed,” Martha Scott, member of the Friends group said.

“Come by, say goodbye to Betty and grab a Crooner’s Cakery cupcake and a glass of punch as we say farewell to this longtime Fort Scott National Historic Site Superintendent,” Scott said.

“Betty has great administrative and people skills,” Scott said. “She also has been active in Rotary Club and her church.”

“Betty has always been open to ideas that were still part of the mission of the historic site, but thinks outside the box,” she said.

Such ideas as the Symbols of Sacrifice, which are flags placed on the parade ground to honor veterans, and the U.S. Naturalization Ceremony that happens annually now.

Symbols of Sacrifice event, Sept. 2015

Recently, it was Betty who suggested that the Fort needed a boundary expansion so that the Block House could be included as part of The Fort Scott National Historic Site.

“Since it is government, we have to be careful because there are things that the fort and its employees cannot do — like the boundary expansion. She can’t actively work on it. It’s a fine line — government!” Scott said.

Boyko made the events happen with help from residents of the community.

To begin with, she gave information to local citizens on how a Friends group is beneficial to a historic site.

“She was instrumental in suggesting that we start a Friends of the Fort group,” Scott said. “She said it would be beneficial to the park.”

About the Friends of Fort Scott National Historic Site

The Friends of Fort Scott National Historic Site’s mission is to support the National Historic Site in a partnership through activities that may include fundraising, volunteerism, education, advocacy, and research.
The Friends have provided the lunch for the newly naturalized citizens after the Naturalization Ceremony held at the fort, provided the treats at the end of the annual Christmas Candlelight Tour, and made homemade ice cream for visitors for the 4th of July as well as many Friends members spending countless hours as a volunteer at the Fort.
Advertising for the Fort on a local, regional, state, or national level is done by the Friends group and they were instrumental in lobbying for the boundary expansion which resulted in the Block House becoming part of the Fort.
A group of citizens in 2009 came together to discuss forming a Friends group. They were Cheryl Adamson, Darlene Doherty, Sandra Haimerl, Herbert Haimerl, Reed Hartford, Ken Lunt, Dale Johnson, Caroly Lydic, Cynthia McFarlin, James Pitt, Jim Scott, Martha Scott, James Smith, and Paulette Smith.
From this grassroots meeting, the Friends group was born. That initial group served as officers and board members during the early years.
Current board members and officers are Reed Hartford, President; Matt Wells, Vice President; Martha Scott, Secretary; Marlene Braker, Treasurer.   Vonnie Rickerson, Kelley Collins, Frankie Ruggerio, Shay Lynn Clements, Carol MacArthur, Judy Earp, Ronda Hassig, and Kaitlyn Wilson serve as the current board.
Funds for the activities that the Friends do are provided in two ways:  the Flag subscriptions and membership dues.
The Flag subscriptions are a service that the Friends provide to residents within the city limits of Fort Scott,  where they place a full-size flag on a 12-foot pole in a residents front yard five times a year — on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day.
Subscriptions are $35.00 per year and are due by the 20th of March.   If interested in this subscription, please contact Kelley Collins at 417-684-2484 for more information.
“If you are interested in helping place those flags on the flag holidays, please call Kelley Collins to let her know that you’d like to help,” Scott said.  “We are a small group of dedicated volunteers, we flag placers, and it is a worthwhile way to begin a holiday day.”
Membership in Friends is easy, Scott said.
The four membership levels are:  $35 is Corporal, $50 Sergeant, $75.00 Quartermaster, $100 Sergeant Major.
If interested, mail a check to Membership Chairman, Martha Scott, 1208 S. National, Fort Scott, Kansas.

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