Euna Kim Blythe Thanks Her Community

Nelson Blythe holds son Isaac, with Euna Kim Blythe. Submitted photo.

Euna Blythe and husband Nelson were driving to Fort Scott on Hwy. 54 near Uniontown on the evening of November 7, 2021, when their car struck a black cow on the road.

“I do not remember anything from the accident and the following few weeks,” Euna said.

She was life-flighted from the  West Bourbon Elementary School yard that evening to the Kansas City area for the severity of her condition.

“I was three months in the hospital and about another three months spent between Meadowbrook rehab and Madonna rehab,” she said.

Today she continues therapy for her injuries, but out of this tragic accident, came something really good: she and Nelson had their first child, a son named Isaac in January 2024.

To this couple, the birth was a miracle because they had been trying to conceive for seven years.

Here is a letter to the community from Euna.

“I would like to show gratitude to the many people who helped me during (the) terrible car accident I had on November 7, 2021,” she said. “First of all, members of Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office, that included Detectives Alvin Metcalf and Kevin Davidson, Deputies Trey Sharp, Shawn Pritchett, Andrew Penland, Zach Ross, and Patrick Brazeal, Undersheriff Ben Cole and Sheriff Bill Martin.”

“Deputy Ross and Brazeal responded to my accident and acted with great compassion and professionalism,” she said.

“Detective Metcalf was in Kansas City at the time of the accident, and went straight to KU Med Center as soon as he heard, and helped lead my family where they needed to go. Detective Davidson, Deputy Sharp, Pritchett and Penland rushed to the helicopter landing zone and stayed with my husband, Nelson …, as I was being cared for by Bourbon County EMS. I have been told that EMS staff Trace Evans and Robert Leisure transported me in the ambulance from the scene of the accident to the landing zone. Deputy Shawn Pritchett drove my husband and the other deputies to KU Med. Linn County Deputies met them at the county line and escorted them to Miami County. Miami County Deputies escorted them to Johnson County.”

“At the hospital, Nelson was met by Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin and Undersheriff Ben Cole, as well as the Sheriff of Linn County, Kevin Friend. Also present were Nelson’s parents and our Pastor, Tony Felich.”

“Throughout the weeks following, Nelson’s law enforcement brothers hardly left his side and for that I am forever grateful. I had many other visitors during the days I was in a coma and the days following, including my dear Jiu-Jitsu coach Brett Holder who encouraged me to never give up.”

“There are so many other people who came to visit me and provided comfort to my distressed family. I cannot name them all, but please know that I am so grateful to all of you.”

“I want to thank Fort Scott Munitions and the Kraft family for reserving hotel rooms near the hospital so my family could have a place to stay. I would also like to thank Young Yu, for lending a helping hand without hesitation.”

” I want to thank all of the Linn County Sheriff’s Deputies for donating all of their sick time so that Nelson could stay with me at the hospital. I would specifically like to thank Sgt. Tanner Ogden, who organized a fundraiser in Linn County.”

“I want to sincerely thank the people in Bourbon County and people from all over, who donated a substantial amount of money to help alleviate my family’s financial needs. Without that fundraiser, it would have been impossible for me to be admitted to Madonna Rehab, where I received much-needed care. Trey Sharp was the organizer.”

“Next, Doctors and nurses of KU Medical Center(MD Sarah Eickmeyer, MD Ifijie E Ohiorhernuan, PhD Monica F Kurylo, Taylor L, MD Alexandra N Arickx, MD Kyle R Brown, DO Erich M Wessel, CRNA Dylan C McDaniel, MD Robin R Walters, MD Sean C. Liebscher, MD Miles Sanderson, MD Kimberlee D Reets, APRN-NP Kathryn  M Moore, APRN-NP Rachael A Domino, MD Jourdaen Sanchez, MD Stephen R Eaton, MD Thomas J Whittaker, MD Jason S Frederick, MD Anand Dharia, MD Adip Bhargav) Doctors, Nurses and therapists from Hanger CLINIC, Meadowbrook Rehab and Madonna Rehab and Bryan West Hospital in Lincoln Nebraska. They were the most helpful staff and workers.

” I want to thank both my American and  South Korean family,  Nelson’s family was tearful and rejoiced when I was finally able to wake up and my family in South Korea did the same. They managed to fly over here right after they heard about the accident and stayed for two weeks. Also, to Galen and Jeffie Mussman, thank you for your kindness shown to my family.”

” I want to thank my husband, Nelson Blythe. Nelson never gave up on me even when my recovery seemed impossible. Nelson kept fighting through the horrible abyss even when told by doctors that I would most likely never wake up.”

“Nelson made feeble attempts to clean and do chores while I was hospitalized, and managed to keep the cats alive, and the house from burning down.”

“I want to thank Else Moss and Jennifer Ballou, Krista Ogden, and my Aunt, Terry Blythe, for coming to Nelson’s rescue by assisting with house chores and taking care of me while Nelson was at work.”

“This accident has really shown me the importance of community, family and friends. This community showed me staggering kindness and care. I am humbled by the fierce loyalty and commitment displayed by all of you.”

“From the bottom of my heart, I thank every one of you.”

“I pray that the Almighty God, the Father of our Savior Jesus Christ, continues to show his love, mercy and peace to me, my family and to all of us in this community. Amen.”

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  1. Euna, praise the Almighty Father God, our Savior, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for your survival and healing. As you so beautifully share your story, it is evident of God’s commitment to His promise to never leave us or forsake us. Provisions come in abundance!
    Bonnie Smith

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