Elevate Fort Scott: Bringing Entertainment Events To Town

Brad Matkin. Submitted photo.

Elevate Fort Scott is one of several community “movers and shakers” groups that have have organized recently to improve the quality of life in the community.

“Besides our Elevate Fort Scott group there are several other groups that are making things happen and bringing great events to Fort Scott,” said Brad Matkin, one of the organizers of Elevate Fort Scott. “Advance Bourbon County, Fort Scott Forward, and others have been working very hard to bring in events and activities for our citizens and visitors to enjoy.”

“We are not only looking for a strong 2023 but are already planning some events for 2024 we feel everyone will enjoy and be excited about,” he said.

“While talking to one of the current members, I told them I felt I wanted to get a group together that wanted to make Fort Scott a place to be and to put on events that would make us a destination place plus add more things for our citizens to do,” Brad Matkin, group member said. “Even though I am the one that thought of getting this group together it is the six other members that make Elevate Fort Scott successful, they do the leg work and put in the time to make these events a reality.”

The group is comprised of Cory Bryars, Kirk Sharp, Jackson Tough, Josh Jones, Diane Striler, Lindsay Madison, and Matkin.

They first met last year around November, he said.

“The purpose of this group is to come up with positive ways and events to help Fort Scott grow, to show visitors what Fort Scott has to offer, and to get citizens involved in the many great things Fort Scott has to offer,” he said. “We are not trying to reinvent the wheel with the events we are working on, just trying to build off the already great events Fort Scott has to offer”

“Our goal is to think of an idea, work to get it started, then hand it off to a charity organization to put it on and raise money for their cause,” Matkin said. “Our group is not generating any funding for the events and are not involved in that part of the event; we just want to help get more things going in our great town and help the charities raise money.”

Events in The Works

“This group has been working on a lot of different ideas that are still in the early stages, but I can tell you we have added a BBQ cook-off that will share Riverfront Park with the second annual Care to Share/Sharing Bucket Fall Festival and Blues Festival,” he said.

The Riverfront Park Pavilion had its ribbon cutting in May 2018. Riverfront Park is the sight of this years Care to Share Fall Festival and Blues Festival.

“We are also working on a newly named Christmas on the Bricks that will take place of Christmas in the Park that has been a yearly tradition for Fort Scott,” Matkin said. “Christmas on the Bricks will offer the opportunity for the uptown shops to bring out their holiday flare and stay open late for holiday shopping. We are looking at this event to flow along right with the Christmas Parade, Artificers Christmas Shoppe, and the Annual National Historic Site Candlelight Tour. Some of the things we have already planned is a movie night,  a Christmas concert, carolers, chili, and much more.”


“Some of the newest things this group has brought to life is a ‘Rock-N-Roll Karaoke’ which will allow people to sing with a real band,” he said. “This will be held at Memorial Hall on June 9th. ‘Almost Kiss’ will be at Memorial Hall on November 18th.  They are a cover band for the Legendary Rock band Kiss and is one of only six Kiss tribute bands that former Kiss star Gene Simmons endorses.”



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