Election Results 2017

The Bourbon County Courthouse, where the votes are tabulated.

The following are the unofficial results of the November 7, 2017 elections.

FSCC BOARD OF TRUSTEES: John Bartlesmeyer, 1,141; Elizabeth Meyer, 680; Tina Rockhold, 904;  Kevin  Wagner, 656.

USD #234 SCHOOL BOARD POSITION 4: Geoff Southwell, 418; David Stewart, 704.

USD #234 School  Board Position 5: Gary Billionis, 922

USD#234 School Board Position 6: Jamie Armstrong, 953

USD #235 School Board Position 4: Brian Stewart, 242

USD # 235 School Board Position 5: Mike Mason, 241

USD #235 School Board Position 6: Tyler Martin, 255


FOR MAYOR BRONSON: Alan Stewart, 57; Lee Roy Whitcomb, 20

FOR CITY COUNCIL BRONSON: Clearsia Botts, 64; Geraldine Reeder, 61; Charlotte Stewart, 43; Kathaleen Stewart,29; Michael Stewart. 50


CITY COMMISSION FT. SCOTT: Cheryl Adamson, 439; Carol MacArthur, 329; JoLynne Mitchell,544; Robert Nichols, 632.


FOR MAYOR FULTON: No Candidate Filed

FOR CITY COUNCIL FULTON: No Candidate Filed, 45 write-ins

FOR MAYOR MAPLETON: No Candidate Filed, 7 write-ins

FOR CITY COUNCIL MAPLETON: No Candidate Filed, 11 write-ins

FOR MAYOR UNIONTOWN: No Candidate Filed, 26 write-ins

FOR CITY COUNCIL UNIONTOWN: No Candidate Filed. 30 write-ins

FOR SOUTHWIND EXTENSION DISTRICT: Ethan Holly, 761; Terri Williams, 1037


FOR MAYOR REDFIELD: Clarence “Ed” Guss, 20

FOR CITY COUNCIL REDFIELD: Michael Beerbower,30;  Wilma  Graham,17; Clarence “Ed” Guss,20; Kirby Martin, 31; Richard A. Smith, 25.



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