Eco Devo Director Gives Update

Bourbon County Economic Development August 2019 Report

by Jody Hoenor, Economic Director

Performance Tracking

In light of Bourbon County’s economic trends, County leadership took an active approach to seek solutions in order to boost economic development. The county is taking a more proactive role in efforts to revitalize the economy, county-wide, and is placing more emphasis on outcomes. County officials believe tracking performance allows community members to see results of ongoing efforts, increases accountability, and ultimately trust in county leadership.

A National Association of Counties (NACo) survey found 84% of respondents mentioned that their county tracks performance. Despite the many differences between counties, all have the same goals: improve outcomes and increase efficiency.

Performance tracking involves both metrics and measures to help an organization evaluate and report outcomes and effectiveness. Essential to this process is evaluating against a baseline, determined as part of a strategic planning process. The strategic plan is tailored to meet the needs of county government and its residents.

Three Phases of Strategic Planning

In order to better allocate resources and plan for future growth, Bourbon County has adopted a community-informed approach to the strategic planning process. The three phases consist of:

  1. Gathering Data to Identify Needs and Priorities

Successfully complete!

2. Develop and Implement a Strategic Plan with Performance Metrics and Measures

Next Steps!

3. Ongoing Evaluation and Reporting

The top identified priorities are:

1. Business Retention and Expansion

2. Housing

3. Quality of Life

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