Dry Wood Creek Cafe: Open For Business

The cafe sign just inside the door reflects the glassed-in eating area at Drywood Creek Cafe.

After the Lyons family closed the Twin Mansions on National Avenue in March 2020, the bed and breakfast along with the restaurant remained shuttered.

The family closed as the COVID-19 Pandemic shut down businesses in the nation.

A new chapter started in June 2021 when the Elton family moved from Kansas City into the northern mansion to make their home at 742 S. National Avenue and in September 2021, the southern mansion at 750 S. National Avenue was once again opened as a restaurant.

Dry Wood Creek Cafe is owned by Chef Marty Elton and his wife, Carrie.

Dry Wood Creek Cafe Chef Marty Elton. Submitted photo.

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The new business venture idea came about during downtime following lockdown, because Elton’s K.C. area catering business was affected by COVID-19 as well.

“During COVID,  a catering business was up in the air,” Elton said.

His own home needed some remodeling and he looked on Zillow for possible properties to look at and saw the property in Fort Scott, known as the Twin Mansions.

“The property attracted us, and the people and town have been great,” Elton said in a break from restaurant work on Wednesday morning.

He is hoping to have a grand opening later in the year, close to the holidays, he said.

Until then, he and his four employees are serving breakfast and lunch from Wednesday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

He said after decades in the business he knew he wanted more time with his family and the cafe hours allow that.

“I’m spending my evenings with my kids,’ Elton said.

Elton also caters meals to all size orders, from box lunches to weddings, he said.

In the southern mansion on an upper level, the Elton’s have an office for rent that would be suitable for an accountant or lawyer, he said.

Dry Wood Creek Cafe is located at 750 S. National and can be reached at 620-224-2970. For the latest info, see their Facebook page.



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