Dry Wood Creek Cafe: New Business Owners at the Former Lyon’s Mansions

In front is Seraphine, with Jackson, Marty, Carrie, and Caleb Elton. Submitted photo.
A new family to Fort Scott has purchased the two former Lyon’s Mansions on National Avenue.
Marty and Carrie Elton moved their family into the north mansion on June 1.
The south mansion’s main floor, formerly known as Nate’s Place, will be a restaurant called Dry Wood Creek Cafe, Carrie Elton said.
The Elton’s will be offering delicious food, and a comfortable space to enjoy it, Carrie said.
“Marty has been in the restaurant business his entire life,” she said. “He has been both in the back of the house and the front of the house. He is past president of the Greater Kansas City Restaurant Association and most recently the owner and operator of a successful catering company.”
Marty Elton. Submitted photo.
Carrie grew up north of Buffalo, NY among “amazing bakers and cooks” and desires to bring those flavors to the people of Fort Scott, she said.
The Eltons were looking for opportunities to move to a small town, she said.
“We found this property and immediately fell in love with it,” she said. “A perfect confluence of events made this dream a reality for us.”
“We are currently living in the former bed and breakfast with our three children and two dogs,” Carrie said. “Once the children are grown we may look at reopening the  north mansion as a bed and breakfast.”
They have been preparing to open the restaurant soon, possibly next week if staffing and licensing issues are resolved.
There is office space available on the second floor that they “look forward to partnering with someone as they begin their journey,” she said.
The third floor is a two-bedroom apartment that is currently a vacation rental on  Vacation Rentals By Owner, VRBO, she said.
The restaurant is slated to have hours of operation: Tuesday through Sunday 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Contact information for Marty or Carrie is 620.224.2970. Like the restaurant on their Facebook page, Dry Creek Cafe.
“We look forward to holding special events a couple of times a month, at night,” she said. “More information will be available on these once we get up and running.” 

The menu is taken from their Facebook page:

From the Dry Wood Creek Cafe Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “Dry Wood Creek Cafe: New Business Owners at the Former Lyon’s Mansions”

  1. Their facebook page is “Dry Wood Creek”, not Dry Creek Cafe. Some people might not be able to find it from your article, but I really appreciated all the information. And I want to WELCOME the Elton family to Fort Scott. Can’t wait to eat in the mansion again.

  2. Welcome to historic Fort Scott where dreams really do come true. I’m just delighted to see the majestic Twin Mansions loved and cared for by the Elton family! The tradition continues!

  3. Welcome to Ft Scott. We wish you and your familial all the best in opening this food enterprise. Hopefully yawl will be able to expand your service hrs to include a dinner menu and a bar. MMF

  4. Will you have Gluten-free options for people with Celiac disease not just gluten intolerance

    If u do have Gluten-free options do u have a dedicated Gluten-free zone & fryer

  5. I would like to have my mom and dad’s anniversary at your place on February 5th 2022 and and I was wondering if that would be possible. My mom and dad are Tom and Karon Jones, my dad is the former postmaster of Fort Scott it’s their 60th anniversary. Please contact me either by phone or email and let me know if we can do that for them on February 5, 2022. Thank you!

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