Danny Larsen: New Eugene Ware Elementary School P.E.Teacher

Danny Larsen. Submitted photo.
Danny Larsen is the new physical education teacher at Eugene Ware Elementary School.

Larsen earned his bachelor of science in education with a strength and conditioning emphasis; and a bachelor of arts in psychology.

He has two years of experience teaching as an At-Risk Teacher, this is his first physical education position, he said.
Larsen’s hometown is  Fort Scott and is married to Jamie Larsen. They have three children: Noah who will be a senior, Malachi an  8th-grader, and Madeline a 5th- grader.
What are your hobbies/interests/community involvements?
“I love spending time with my family as much as possible. I also like to coach, work in my shop (woodworking), and play basketball.”
How did you become an educator?
“I’ve always enjoyed working with kids and being a mentor, either through coaching sports or volunteering at school or church.”
Is there someone who inspired you to teach?
“There were so many teachers who played a big role in my decision to pursue teaching as a career. These include teachers I had while I was in school and those who have taught my kids.”
What is the best part of teaching for you?
“For me, the best part of teaching is connecting with a kid who has struggled either academically, emotionally, or in some way that makes their life and school more difficult. Once you see that tension disappear from their face and it’s replaced by a smile, there’s nothing else like it!”
What are the greatest challenges?
“Right now, the great challenge is being a new teacher where kids are looking for familiarity and normalcy. Fortunately, I do well in those situations and look forward to teaching in Fort Scott.”

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