County Commission Meeting Feb 13th

The commissioners discussed the best time to plant fescue on some county land and the reclamation project at the old quarry.  There was also some discussion about moving the scale.  The county is getting the old crusher ready to go to the company where it was traded in on the new one.

The commissioners wanted to clarify that the East side of Cedar Creek Lake is still open and you can drive in there. The West side is closed to traffic now, but you can walk in to go fishing. The restrooms are also being removed from the West side. The decision was made by the rural water department because of the vandalism that was taking place.

The commissioners are still waiting for a list of properties and what day they will be sold from Dan Meara for the tax sale.

Joanne Long asked the commissioners about a money transfer from the general fund to the sewer fund, but they decided to hold off until they had more information.

In January Commissioner Coleman was voted in as chairman. Evidently Commissioner Jingles Endicott had made a motion to make Commissioner Allen Warren the new Chairman and the motion had been seconded by Commissioner Coleman. After some discussion Commissioner Warren convinced then Chairman Endicott to not vote for his own motion and the two of them voted Commissioner Coleman in as the new Chairman.

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