City Hires New HR Director: Brad Matkin

Brad Matkin. Submitted photo.

Brad Matkin, 51, is the new Fort Scott  Director of Human Resources. His start day was August 2, 2021.

“I will be recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding new members,” Matkin said. “Working on member benefits, challenging our benefit resources to give us better opportunities/pricing, working with the department managers to provide management/leadership training, and being the ears for the city members, and several other things too numerous to list.”

Matkin’s office is at Fort Scott City Hall, 123 S. Main. The phone number of city hall is 223-0550.

Matkin believes a good human resource person is the backbone of a company/organization, working on policies, processes, and helping create a good working environment for the members, he said.

“With that, I just kept working getting my education and gaining the knowledge it would take to be successful in a position like this… Director of Human Resources for the City of Fort Scott.”

The best part of the career is working with the members of the entity, he said. “I really enjoy the interaction with them even if the situation is sometimes not a good one. I feel members need to be able to voice their opinion to someone that can be confidential but also someone that can possibly help.”

The  COVID-19 Pandemic has created challenges in a human resource person’s job.

“Hiring and retaining members is everybody’s challenge currently but I feel the challenge is exciting,” Matkin said. “I feel getting the right mix of people that will create a good team environment plus treating them fair will make them happy to come to work. “Communication is key to retaining members, yes wages and benefits are important also, but if you can make members feel important and create a bond between the groups you will be much more successful. The old saying that members leave their boss not the job is very true.”

Matkin earned a master’s degree in business administration at Pittsburg State University with an emphasis in human resources. He has over twenty years in business management and four years in a human resource and recruiting role.

He is married ” to my wonderful wife of 28 years, Tammy” and they have three grown children and two grandsons, he said.

Outside of his career Matkin enjoys spending time with family and collects sports memorabilia.  “I also like watching KC Chiefs football and KC Royals baseball,” he said.




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  1. Congratulations Brad. Hope you get a lot of support from staff and commissioners. I was glad to note you’ve had experience in Human Resources. Good luck and God Bless.

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