City develops emergency plan in case of severe weather during Good O’l Days

At today’s Chamber Coffee, chamber members and visitors listened intently as Rhonda Dunn outlined the entertainment to be available at this weekend’s Good O’l Days celebration. Dunn thanked the community and local businesses for their support saying, “We know where our bread is buttered, and we really appreciate it [support from businesses].” Dunn mentioned that the Good O’l Days has never been rained out since its beginnings in 1982, and that the city would have an emergency plan in case of severe weather moving through the area in the next few days.


Fire Chief Paul Ballou stepped forward to give those in attendance an idea of what that plan would be. Ballou said that Memorial Hall would be used as an emergency shelter in the event of severe weather, and that any overflow of people from Memorial Hall would be sheltered in the nearby Methodist Church in downtown Fort Scott. Dunn commented that she was impressed by the quick response of the city in formulating the plan. She said, “All it took was a phone call” to set things in motion.

Other news:

  • The Bourbon County Long-term Relief Committee is still accepting donations from contractors and others who have building materials to donate at a location near Trainwreck Tees on North National in Fort Scott. Those interested in donating should text Craig Campbell, Director of Pharmacy at Sisters of Mercy Health System.
  • The Fort Scott Idol competition will be held this evening at 6:00PM at Memorial Hall. Tickets ($3, 5 and under get in free) are available at Country Cupboard until 4 o’clock today and are also available at the door. According to Rhonda Dunn, 30 contestants are scheduled to compete.
  • A Mercy Hospital Seminar meeting on the Affordable Care Act will be held today from 3:00PM-4:30PM. This seminar is a free service of Greenbush and is open to the public.
  • New attractions at the Good O’l Days include a new carnival, Professor Farquar and Polecat Annie, the James Ernest Zydeco band. All of the traditional events, music and vending of past years will also be available to festival goers.

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