Citizens Group Plan A Petition to Increase the Bourbon County Commissioners from Three to Five Members

A bi-partisan Bourbon County citizens group, aptly named The Three-to-Five Committee, has published and received preliminary sufficiency, on a petition to place a question on the November 2024 general election ballot; “Shall the current number of
Bourbon County Commissioner Districts setforth on KSA 19-203(a)(b)(c)(d)&(e), be increased to five (5) Commissioner Districts?”

As provided in the Kansas Statutes the Districts will be five districts “as compact and equal in population” as possible. The change will have no impact on the County budget. The additional Commissioners will allow better collaboration and focused
representation on their respective districts.

As the Commission is currently constructed, the group noted, “Even two Commissioners having conversations on any topic that may
come before the Commission, is a violation of the Kansas Open Meeting Act (KOMA).”

Allowing an opportunity for collaboration and discussions with two Commissioners will improve the decision-making process and should provide improved transparency and accountability.

Signatures will be collected by registered voters in Bourbon County over the next few months to place the question on the November ballot to prevent the need for a special election and the expense associated with such an election.

Additional information is being assembled to make sure every petition signer is well informed on the benefits of this expansion in Bourbon County in the Bourbon County Commission.

To view the petition:

Petition to increase the number of Commissioners 7-9-2024 printable

Submitted by Michael Hoyt.

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