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Krista Postai. Submitted.

Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas is moving forward on the renovation of the former Price Chopper building on South Main.

“We are waiting on (City of Fort Scott) building permits before moving forward on the Price Chopper building, so there is nothing major to report,” CEO and President of CHC/SEK Krista Postai, said. “Apparently, the engineer is on vacation.”

Update later in the day from Postai: “We were issued a temporary 90-day-permit yesterday and we’re back to work,” she said.

The land given CHC on the west side of the former Mercy building, which they had made plans to build a new facility on, is being given back to Bourbon County who owns the building.

“Regarding the land,” she said. “Which is basically the large parking lot behind the hospital plus the helipad, we were told by the county, it would be needed by whoever opted to assume responsibility for the hospital. Our Board agreed to exchange the land, which actually cost us about $125,000 in legal and platting fees, for our remaining rent on our clinic in the hospital. We do understand that was approved by the county commission and they would be in touch with us to finalize the agreement.”

“Once we have the transfer formalized, it will go to the CHC/SEK Board for final approval, Postai said. “It was suggested to us that there is another potential group interested in reopening the hospital now that Noble has moved on.”

Commissioner Beth Comment on The Former Mercy Building

Bourbon County Commissioner Clifton Beth said the county is “still trying to engage with several entities to do something with the building. We’ve been doing this for two years. I want to make sure we have an emergency room in Bourbon County and sustainable health care.”

Recent Mammogram Walk-In

“We had a record number of women get a mammogram at our Walk-In event from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on July 27th in Ft. Scott,” she said. “Ninety-one women over age 40  ‘walked in’ and received a 3D mammogram regardless of ability to pay. CHC/SEK continued the effort August 2 and 3rd at their Pittsburg clinic. The goal is to increase the number of women who have had mammograms in southeast Kansas – which falls far below the state and national averages.”

Jobs at CHC

The following are the current list of job openings in Fort Scott for CHC:


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  1. Free land “given” to CHC and the county has to buy it back. Just like old doctors office “given” to CHC and now the College is buying it. CHC is ripping us off.

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