Catholic Church and Rectory Buildings are Coming To Fruition

The Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church following the fire on August 29, 2022. Submitted photo.
Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church was damaged beyond repair following the lightning event that struck the church on August 29, 2022.
Since then the church members pulled together to design a new building, which is anticipated for completion in December 2024.
Statutes are being restored by an artist

“When I heard about the fire, I immediately contacted Fr. Yancey Burgess ( the parish priest)  to offer my help,” Robert Elliot, an artisan specializing in church renovations and statue restoration, said. “Father Yancy …presided over my wife’s funeral mass along with three other priests and this has always meant a great deal to me, so helping him and his community was the only thing to do.”
Elliot’s studio in Wichita. Submitted photo.

He received the Stations of the Cross and other statues last May, he said.

Some of the statues that are being restored. Submitted photo.
“We are restoring the fourteen Stations of the Cross and the following statues: The Corpus Of Christ, Mary Queen of Angels, The Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Joseph with the Infant Jesus, two angels with ribbons, and one free-standing angel.
Elliot anticipates completion of the statue restoration project in mid-September after 16 months of work,  he said.
Elliot started his company in 1995 and is located in Wichita.
Update on the church rebuild
Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church at 714 S. Eddy earlier this month.  Photo from Margaret Humphrey.
Simpson Construction, Wichita,  is the general contractor for the project. which began a year ago and is scheduled for completion in December 2024.
“Currently, they are working on the outside,” putting up OSB boards,” said a spokesman, Mark McCoy.
Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church from Holbrook Street, the back side of the church, on March 26, 2024.
Then a sealer will be applied, followed by brick masons, who will be coming in approximately three weeks, he said.
“The base of the church will look like St. Mary’s school, which is adjacent to the church,” he said.
“Our plan is to have a dedication Mass in December,” McCoy said.
The image of the church will look like the previous church, he said.
To view prior features:
The Rectory

The rectory, where the parish priest lives,  should be finished and Father Yancy moving in by the end of April, McCoy said.

The Catholic Rectory on March 26, 2024. Workers putting up rails are Bruce Swank, Frank Casper, and Bo Casper of Casper Enterprises.

That project is being completed by Casper Enterprises, Bo Casper is the contractor.


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