CASA, Advocating for Children In the Courts, Needs Your Support

Bourbon County CASA, founded in Bourbon County in May 1990, provides trained community volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children involved in the Court system.  Our mission is to advocate for children involved in the Bourbon County Court system, to secure a safe, nurturing environment for them, to increase community awareness and responsiveness to the needs of those children, and to provide objective information to the Court.


We currently have 20 volunteers and are assigned to 24 children here in Bourbon County.

Volunteers work tirelessly on behalf of their assigned child, relentlessly advocating for them, and providing the Court with the child’s perspective, wants, and wishes. They accomplish this by meeting with their assigned child regularly, contacting all involved parties in a child’s life, and advocating for their child through a written report to the Court making recommendations on what they believe to be in the child’s best interest.


Our program is always in need of additional volunteers and financial support to continue our mission.  We are responsible for 60% of our budget to be raised locally through community support.

This year’s fundraiser “Change a Child’s Story” is held Friday, December 8 at the home of Mitch and Colleen Quick.  Reservations can be made through today, via email to [email protected].


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