Bronson Locker, A Look Inside

Bronson, KS – Have you ever had the conversation with your kids about where your beef comes from? It’s can be quite an interesting conversation explaining where are food comes from and how it’s processed. There are some really great documentaries on food processing and production, but if you are looking for a local beef, pork, venison processing business, you don’t even have to leave the county.


Bronson Locker has been in operation for a long, long time. The current owners, Chubb and Helen Bolling, have been slicing and dicing since 1966. When they bought the locker they had about 700 square feet to work with. Now, they have expanded into 3 storefronts and have custom made their entire processing facility.

From start to finish, the Bolling family has processing down. Click on the gallery to see a pictorial tour of the facility.

The Bolling family was great to visit with while they gave the tour. The whole facility was very clean and remarkably free from smells you might associate with a processing business.

If you are  looking for a local place to handle your processing needs, the Bronson Locker can take care of your needs. Being in the middle of deer season, there are lots of ways you can process that venison and Bronson Locker has mastered probably all of them from jerky to summer sausage, they can do it.

Make sure to call ahead if you are planning on dropping off an animal for processing and for any other questions you might have. For contact info and questions:

Bronson Locker

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