Bourbon County Fair Begins With a Couple of New Offerings

Kort Stock looks at the chickens in the poultry section of the Bourbon County Fair on Monday evening.

The Bourbon County Fair runs until July 22 at the fairgrounds on South Horton Street in Fort Scott.

The 4-H Building was quiet on Monday evening, but entries had been judged and many young people went home with a ribbon for their entries in a variety of departments.

Meanwhile, animals were being weighed in the Show Pavilion on the fairgrounds.

Carson Wunderly and her dad, Fred, line up a cow to be weighed on the first night of the Bourbon County Fair.

The community is encouraged to come to see the results of the work that 4-H Club youth have completed for the year.

“I know it’s going to be warm, but I hope everyone comes out to support the kids,” Mark Crystal, vice president of the Bourbon County Fair Board, said. “There are a lot of nice looking animals, and they have put a lot of work into getting the animals ready for judging.”

In addition to animals, produce, crafts, and other departments can be viewed for both 4-H youth and community members.

Temperatures are forecast to be over 100 degrees for the next week.

“It wouldn’t be the Bourbon County Fair if is wasn’t the hottest days of the year,” he said.

Rachel Martin, who has two daughters in 4-H, Juley and Katie, puts up a fan in the cattle area at the Bourbon County Fair.

Animal owners keep fans on them and provide water to keep the animals from overheating.

New this year is the Chicken Mary’s Dinner that will be served by the Fort Scott Future Farmers of America Organization.

“It’s $9 for a chicken dinner on Thursday night, July 21, at the Huebenet Pavilion,” he said. Chicken Mary’s is located in Yale, near Pittsburg and is well known for its’ chicken meals.

Also new this year is a circus for the community on Thursday, which will be set up in the grandstand arena, he said.

The King Ryder Circus will be from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. and includes jugglers, daredevils on motorcycles and a clown, according their information on Facebook. Cost is $5 to $15.

“They called and wanted to know if they could come,” Crystal said.

The fair schedule:


The Barnstormer 4-H Club won overall grand champion in table display.
Dakota Foulk won the 4-H Woodworking Top Exhibit and also the Woodworking Overall Champion.
Macie Hueston won 4-H grand champion in flower arrangements.


Rachel Martin, who has two daughters in 4-H, Juley and Katie, puts up a fan in the cattle area at the Bourbon County Fair.
Lexi Marchiano won overall champion and 4-H Photography Top Exhibit With 8 or More Years in the Project.
Davina Foster won overall champion with her health and wellness exhibit.
Hailey Shadden won 4-H Misc. Overall Champion Reading Notebook.
Kristy Beene won 4-H Misc. Overall Champion Club Officers Notebook.
Gwen Fry won 4-H Fiber Arts Overall Champion.
Macie Hueston won Overall Champion Junior Age 7-9 in Constructed Clothing and Textiles.
Gwen Fry won Clothing Construction Senior Overall Champion.
Makiah Woods won Constructed Clothing and Textiles Over All Champion, Intermediate Age 10-13.
Alexa Fuhrman won 4-H Visual Arts Overalll Champion, Senior.
Davina Foster won Overall Champion in Energy Management.
McKinley Sutton won the 4-H Visual Arts Over All Champion Intermediate Age 10-13.
Davina Foster won 4-H Home Environment Over All Champion.

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