Bourbon County 4-H Fair, A United Way Agency

FortScott.Biz is doing a series on the agencies that receive funding through United Way of Bourbon County.

The following is an interview with Diane Brillhart, treasurer of Bourbon County 4-H Fair.

Who is the contact person along with phone number?

Dale Griffiths – 620-215-3101

What service do you provide to our community?

“We provide a venue and structure for holding the annual county fair.  The County Fair is a place for our local kids to exhibit the projects they have been working on and teach others about things they have learned.  Our venue is also available for others in the community to hold events and activities.”

How many people are served?

“Everyone in the community can benefit from our facility.”

What percentage of your budget is the United Way Grant?

“Five percent.”

Who are the board members?

President Dale Griffiths, Vice-Pres. Mark Crystal,                                        Secretary  Lynda Foster, Assist. Secretary David Foster,                     Treasurer  Diane Brillhart, Assist. Treasurer Mark Brillhart, Merchant Superintendent Allen Warren,  Grandstand Superintendent  Stewart Gulager and Assistant Grandstand Superintendent Mark Leatherman.

United Way is primarily funded through donations from local businesses when employees agree to donate an amount through payroll deductions.

Gina Shelton, president of United Way of Bourbon County said the cost of a purchased soft drink, one dollar if it was payroll deducted by many people, would help the agency meet its 2018 Campaign goal of $50,000.



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