Books and Grannies, Downtown Fort Scott

Fort Scott, Ks — If you don’t get downtown very often, there is a trove of artisans and businesses providing services you may not have known where there.

Books and Grannies was started in 2001 with a few bookshelves and a dream. Roxine Poznich, chief purveyor of books, has always had a love for books and when a local bookstore was going out of business, she bought their inventory and Books and Grannies was born.

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Of course, launching a business and keeping it running isn’t quite that simple. Over the years, the business has been in different locations before landing where they are now.  In 2007, was there last move to where they hope is permanent – 11 North Main in downtown. However, they have stayed steady and continue to have a very nice selection of books and customer base.

Estimating to have over 50,000 books, you will probably be able to find something you are interested in reading. Owner, Roxine Poznich, said the most common books she sells are children’s books followed closely by  romance and suspense. She carries paperback, hardback, older books and current books. She also has a good size inventory of children’s books. Adult books generally run between $4-5 and children books are generally $1-3.

books and grannies

If you are looking for a gift for the book lover in your family, you will need to stop and take a look around before Christmas!

Books and Grannies
11 North Main
Fort Scott, KS 66711

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