Become a Master Food Volunteer

Do you have a passion for food? If so, consider joining the Master Food Volunteer (MFV) program! You will meet others who also share a passion for food; participate in classes, by either leading or assisting, to teach others about food; learn up-to-date practices on food safety and nutrition; and take your knowledge of food to the next level. To join, you must complete a 40-hour training course which costs $120. This course will be offered online from January 17th to February 25th with three days of hands-on training. Interested applicants must apply by December 1st to be considered. You can find the application online here or you can call 620-365-2242 to receive a copy.
Wondering what current MFVs have to say about the program? According to MFV Susan Stich: “Being a Master Food Volunteer has taken my love for food and nutrition to new levels of knowledge and fun. With the Master Food Volunteer training and university resources, I can feel confident in sharing with the community safer and fun ways to preserve, prepare, and serve food. The MFV program gives me the opportunity to help others of all ages learn better ways to eat healthier and safer. The camaraderie I have with other Foodie Friends is a special plus.”
Some of the educational programs which our current MFVs have hosted or assisted with in the past year include our kids’ cooking classes, a pressure-cooking class, a program on cooking with herbs, and a hands-on breadmaking class. The possibilities are endless!
If you have any questions, please contact Clara Wicoff at 620-365-2242 or [email protected]. K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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