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Kansas Water Authority Regional Advisory Committee Membership Drive



Citizen advisors have been an important voice supporting water resource planning efforts in Kansas for decades. To support continued grassroots engagement in Kansas water policy and planning, the Kansas Water Office is currently accepting applications from individuals with an interest in serving as a member of one of the 14 Regional Advisory Committees (RACs) which are established by the Kansas Water Authority (KWA).


These committees play a key role in advising the KWA on implementation of each region’s water resource priorities as part of the state water planning process in Kansas. In conjunction with this process, RAC members provide input and advice to the KWA on identified regional and statewide water resource-related goals and action plans developed in support of state water plan implementation.


In addition, members help identify and provide input on other emerging water issues and concerns. They serve as important local links to the public in their regions through interactions with various groups and individuals, as well as communicate information on concerns and issues in their respective regions. The KWA, through the committee selection process, works to establish RACs which represent diverse groups of water users and interests throughout the state.


Kansans can have a lasting impact on the future of water resources through RAC membership. Interested individuals can apply at The application deadline is June 30, 2023.



If accommodations are needed for a person with disabilities, please notify the Kansas Water Office at 900 SW Jackson Street, Suite 404, Topeka, KS 66611-1249 or call (785) 296-3185.


Note to Editor: The Americans with Disabilities Act, (42 U.S.C. 12101) requires the Kansas Water Office to print the reasonable accommodations messages.


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