Ascension Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg adds new imaging technology

Chris Stevens, Nuclear Medicine Lead Technologist. Submitted photo.


Ascension Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg has recently added a PET/CT scanner, which can help detect the early onset of diseases before other imaging tests can.

The new scanner uses small amounts of radioactive materials, a special camera and a computer to evaluate organ and tissue functions. By identifying changes at the cellular level, the test helps detect cancer or make a diagnosis, determine if a cancer has spread, assess the effectiveness of treatment, evaluate prognosis, determine the effects of a heart attack, evaluate brain abnormalities and more.

“The installation of the PET/CT scanner at our hospital speaks to our continued commitment to provide the most technologically advanced quality care to our patients”, says Chris Stevens, Nuclear Medicine Lead Technologist.

An important test made possible by the PET/CT scanner is a PSMA prostate study. This test uses a diagnostic imaging agent together with PET/CT imaging to detect prostate cancer for both initial staging and suspected recurrence, typically sooner than other types of imaging scans.

“It’s a blessing to have the availability of PET/CT for our patients and physicians”, says Stevens. “Our list of available exams is now equivalent to those at the largest hospitals in the biggest towns.”

The new imaging technology allows the hospital to continue to provide advanced care close to home.

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