Allyson Turvey: Kansas Destination Specialist Award

Photo left to right: TIAK President Jan Stevens, Allyson Turvey, Sally Fuller, KDS Program Director.

Congratulations to Allyson Turvey, Administrative Assistant to Fort Scott Convention and Visitors Bureau, for being awarded the title of “Kansas Destination Specialist” by the Travel Industry Association of Kansas (TIAK).

Turvey was in attendance at the recent TIAK Annual Conference held in Junction City, KS where she received her certification. She was one of only six individuals from across Kansas to receive the certification.

TIAK offers the Kansas Destination Specialist certification program to familiarize and further one’s knowledge of the State of Kansas tourism marketing and leadership. To qualify, one must earn points by attending education conferences, seminars, webinars, or trainings, read and complete three book reports within the categories of Kansas, marketing, and leadership as well as visit one Kansas attraction 50 or more miles away from home.

This certification is a great way to establish and promote interest in Kansas’ tourism. Turvey has worked with the Fort Scott Convention and Visitors Bureau, Economic Development amd Community Development since April 2017.



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