A Disturbance in the Courtroom Caused An Activation to All On-Duty Law Enforcement Officers

On the morning of February 14, 2024, Steven L. Johnson,60, appeared before the Bourbon County District Court for sentencing.

During the proceedings, Johnson became agitated with the sentencing and caused a disturbance in the courtroom, causing courtroom personnel to activate the panic alarm.

The panic alarm activation sends a message to all on-duty law enforcement officers through the radion system.

Johnson was escorted out of the courthouse and was transported by EMS to Via Christi, Pittsburg, to be medically cleared for confinement.

No courtroom personnel or law enforcement officers were injured.

Johnson is currently being held at the Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center, Fort Scott, waiting to be transported to the Kansas Department of Corrections.

Submitted by William K. Martin, Sheriff

The jail is known as the Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center, Fort Scott.

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