Young Entrepreneur: Hannah Vann

Hannah Vann, owner of Quick & Clean Auto Detail. Photos Submitted by Erin Vann.

This is part of a series that features area entrepreneurs under 30 years of age.

If you know of someone deserving this publicity, email  [email protected] with your name, why you are nominating the entrepreneur, their name and email/phone number.


Hannah Vann of Fort Scott, 16, was nominated to be featured as a young entrepreneur by her aunt, Trisha Newton.
In May 2018 Vann started her business, Quick & Clean Auto Detail, working from her home.

“Last year when trying to work while being involved in sports and school she was finding it hard to find a job that worked well with her schedule,” Newton said. “So she decided to start detailing cars during her spare time.”

Hannah said the original reason for learning to detail cars was an argument with her mom.

“I started my business after my mother and I got into an argument over me being sassy,” Vann said. “As a punishment she made me clean our Suburban.”

“She and my aunt always said it would be nice to have a good clean, rather than a $100 detail, of their cars,” Vann said. “I realized I had an amazing opportunity to start a successful business, that also worked around all of my sports and school activities.”

Hannah is the daughter of Tarrell and Erin Vann.

“The unique part about her detailing is that she is not charging a ton like a normal detail costs, instead making it an affordable, quick clean,” Newton said.  “Your basic vacuum/wipe down etc. for those busy people on the go and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg!”

The service includes an interior vacuum,  and cleaning of windows, floor mats, dash, console, doors, door and seat trim.

“I charge $35 for cars and trucks and SUV’s start at $45,”  Vann said.

“She has kept very busy all summer and continues to work hard for her customers,” Newton said.

“I have approximately 40 costumers,” Vann said.

Van can be reached at 620-224-8555.

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