15 Things I Have Learned by Patty LaRoche

Patty LaRoche. 2023

I wish I would have known when I was younger several things I now realize:

  1. Praying daily at a set time for a set number of minutes is a wonderful discipline, but it doesn’t compare to communing with God throughout the entire day.
  2. Something heart-changing happens when I read the Bible. I can’t explain it, and even if I’m slugging through Leviticus, I still close that book knowing I am nearer to the One who orchestrated its writings than I was when I first opened its pages.
  3. Everyone I meet is an encounter with Jesus. This past week, I drove by a young, emaciated woman. Convicted by her desperate state, I did a U-turn and drove up next to her.  Holding out some pesos for her, I was stunned by how she stared at me through hollow eyes that barely opened; she had no idea what I was trying to give her.  When her mood switched from confused to angry, my idea of taking her back to our condo to offer her a shower and a meal suddenly seemed like a less-than-brilliant plan.  She took the money, but as I pulled away, I couldn’t help but ask what Jesus would have done.
  4. My example is far more important than my words.  Showing people I love them trumps any language I use to express that love.
  5. God cares about details. He is every “coincidence” in my life. When I forget my umbrella and return to the house only to find I left the oven on, I now credit Him with the reminder that even my forgetfulness can be used for my benefit.
  6. The fact that I am breathing and my fingers are able to type this article are all because of God’s provisions.
  7. I never should take my husband or my children or my friends for granted, and I never should stop being open to meeting new friends.
  8. Disciplining a grandchild might be my least favorite thing to do in the whole world.
  9. Life is not fair, and I’m grateful it’s not.
  10. My aches and pains remind me that this is a fallen world, and sometimes—not often– Ibuprofen can be my friend.
  11. Sweaty, manual labor is a really, really good thing.
  12. When Dave says “I love you,” I am blessed.
  13. No matter what anyone says, there’s no magic formula to make wrinkles disappear. I’m sort of glad about that.
  14. It’s okay if I like crab and my best friend gags on it. Best friends celebrate their differences.
  15. Some days, I just look up and say, “Thank you, God, for making that happen.”

I need to do it every day…probably every hour.

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