New Aircraft Maintenance Business Coming to Fort Scott Airport

A private aircraft sits in front of two hangars at Fort Scott Airport. The airport is set to have a new aircraft maintenance business in the near future.

A  full-service aircraft repair station will soon be available at Fort Scott Municipal Airport, 1869 Indian Road, southwest of the city.

Spectra Jet, Inc., Springfield, Ohio, will start a maintenance facility at the airport in the next two months, according to Kenny Howard, the airport manager.

“They will start with four to five employees,” Howard said. “They hope to be up to 10 employees in a certain amount of time.”

The company will lease part of a hangar at the airport for their business until they can build one of their own, Howard said.

Currently, there are eight hangars at the airport, two privately owned and six owned by the City of Fort Scott.

The desired outcome of this new business is to bring more airplanes to the airport, Howard said.

Currently, there are 45 airplanes in a week, he said.

“Some come to town to look at the community,” Howard said. “Some have family here.”

In addition, Fort Scott Airport is a good refueling stop for those traveling cross-county, he said.

Fort Scott Municipal Airport is southwest of the city at 187th Street and Indian Road.
The front entrance to Fort Scott Municipal Airport office.
Pictured is hangar no.5, which is owned by the City of Fort Scott. Spaces are rented to pilots for their aircraft.
Several aircraft are parked in hangar no. 5 at Fort Scott Airport.
Pictured is the new parking areas in front of hangars at Fort Scott Municipal Airport. The night beacon tower sits in between two hangars.
Pictured is the largest hangar at Fort Scott Municipal Airport which is owned by Ward Kraft, Inc.
Fort Scott Airport has two onsite fuel tanks: a 10,000 gallon Jet A gas tank and a 9,000 gallon AV gas tank.
A plaque at the entrance to the office of the Fort Scott Airport commemorates the airports history.

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