Mercy Hospital Closing: City Is Working On Solutions

The recent announcement of Mercy Hospital closing, announced October 1, has stirred up Fort Scottians.

The loss of the hospital that has been a part of the town since 1886 has driven the local government to step in.

During the Chamber of Commerce Quarterly  Downtown Meet and Greet Tuesday morning, Fort Scott City representatives spoke to the group.

“The City (of Fort Scott) is doing everything we can to facilitate the Mercy transition…the physicians will stay on…We are working on solutions,” Rachel Pruitt, Fort Scott Economic Economic Director, said.

“Ambulance and emergency room (services) are being worked on,” added Robert Uhler, Fort Scott Community Development Director.

Here is  an excerpt from a later press release Pruitt wrote:

“The City intends to support our residents in every way possible through this transition.  Robert Uhler, Community Development Director; Rachel Pruitt, Economic Development Director; and Dave Martin, City Manager are actively working on solutions and have been pleased with the outreach of interested parties.  Our citizens work hard and deserve affordable healthcare.  We are confident Fort Scott will overcome this challenge and continue to be a great place to work and raise families.”

To see the full press release send yesterday, click:

City of Fort Scott Responds to Mercy Shut-Down




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