Young Professional League of Bourbon County

Fort Scott, KS — Last Friday, February 6th Young Professionals had their monthly meeting at Papa Don’s.

The guest speakers for this meeting were High School students who attended the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference, affectionately referred to as, “HOBY.” Two students, Camden Stiles and Olivia Houston, were sponsored by Rotary and YPL, respectively.

The students spoke about their experiences last summer and demonstrated their enthusiasm for the program. Ms. Houston has applied and been accepted for ‘JStaff’ for next summer to help run the program. HOBY takes place during the first week of June on the Kansas State University Campus.

YPL President, Heather Griffith reported on activity YPL had been involved with and upcoming events. Some notable activities were hosting the Chamber coffee and assisting with Career Day at the High School.

Membership Dues are $35 per year and due April 1st. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page and if you are interested in joining, please contact Heather Griffith: [email protected]

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