Young Entrepreneurs: at Fort Scott Farmers Market This Saturday

The logo of Acton Children’s Business Fair from its website.

Several young children who are learning how to create their own business will have their wares on display and for sale at the Fort Scott Farmers Market this Saturday, June 3 from 8 a.m. to noon.

The event will be at Third and Main Street, behind the First United Methodist Church in that parking lot.

Children who attended a young entrepreneurs fair in the last year will be selling their wares and encouraging other children to start their own businesses

“Saturday is to get the word out and let other children see a small sample of inspiration for what they can be a part of,” Maria Whitson, one of the parent organizers said. “It will also allow the children who have created businesses a chance to sell their products.”

“We will have opportunities for kids to take their ideas and learn about how to turn it into a business,” she said. “Then we will give them an opportunity to launch and sell their products at the kid’s business fair later this year. More information will be available at the kid’s booths at the farmers market this weekend.”

The Acton Children’s Business Fair will be sponsoring a fair again this fall. To learn more:

“There will be cash prizes for the event in the fall,” Whitson said.

Whitson and Melanie Lamb are the parent organizers who will be available to answer questions on Saturday.

Melanie Lamb. Submitted photo.
Maria Whitson. Submitted photo.

Some of the children who will participate:

Camren Lamb is an young businessman, selling his artwork and music. Submitted photo.
Chloe Couchman will be selling her handmade potholders. Submitted photo.

“This weekend kids will be having their booths to inspire others to be entrepreneurs,” she said. “Kids who already have set up their own business to inspire others.”

Asher Whitson will be selling his framed artwork. From Facebook.
Asher Whitson will be selling his framed artwork. From Facebook.

In addition, there will be handouts for a class in September that the youth can participate in, Whitson said.

Malachi Whitson will be selling jewery at the farmers market. From Facebook.
Grace Jackson along with her sisters will be selling produce. Submitted photos.
Trinity Jackson. Submitted photo.
The Jackson sisters will be selling produce, this is Evie. Submitted photos.


The farmers market has changed spaces this Saturday only, to accommodate the Good Ol’ Days annual celebration in downtown Fort Scott.




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