Will’s Gutter Service: Outside Handyman

Wills Gutter Service. Submitted photo.

William Billings has been mowing yards since he was a child growing up, and started with a push mower as a kid.

Now he has a truck, trailer, and a zero-turn mower, with chainsaws and weed eaters to tackle any job.

Will’s Gutter Service provides weed eater service. Submitted photo.

He has over 15 years of experience mowing and worked for LACO Seamless Gutters for four years as a gutter specialist until the company shut down, he said.

Billings started Will’s Gutter Service last year in Fort Scott.

“The services I provide for the community are mowing yards, gutter cleanouts, gutter inspections and maintenance, tree trimming, leaf and debris clean up,” he said.


William Billings, the owner of Will’s Gutter Service, mows a yard. Submitted photo.
To contact Billings call 620-418-3491.
Billings started the business last year to make extra money for his family, he said.
He is a Turner High School graduate from K.C., Kansas.
William Billings is the owner of Will’s Gutter Service and has four years of experience in gutter clean-outs, inspections, and maintenance. Submitted photo.

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