Renovated, Wider Walking Trail On The Horizon for Uniontown

The Uniontown Hiking Trail looking north on 75th Street.

The Uniontown Walking Trail is utilized daily by walkers in the small, western Bourbon County town and is slated for renovation this spring.

“Students use the trail at times and we have a significant number of patrons who use it very consistently,” said USD 235 Superintendent Vance Eden.  “In its current condition, some use is limited by the cracks and condition of the asphalt.  We anticipate greater use by all parties after reconstruction. ”

Vance Eden, superintendent for USD 235. Photo from the school district’s website.

“The district was awarded a grant from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks- Recreational Trails Program to pay for the majority of the project,” Eden said.  “The remaining cost will be completed by the district and community members or paid from our Capital Outlay Fund.”

“The Department of Wildlife and Parks contribution will be $218,800 with the total project estimated at $321,300,” he said. “The district can self-perform or solicit donations to cover its portion and will do so to the greatest extent possible.”

“The contractor, Tristate Building, will start work later this spring,” he said. “We are anticipating mid-April to be warm and hopefully dry enough to make progress on the work. It is estimated to take around six weeks to complete.”

“The vast majority of the old trail will be completely removed and replaced with an American Disability Act compliance with a concrete trail that is 5 feet in width,” he said. “The trail is approximately 1.3 miles in length.”

The original walking trail was funded also through a Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks grant.

He said the original trail was during the early years of former Superintendent Randy Rockhold’s time with the district.

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