Where Is The Line to See Jesus? By Patty LaRoche

My friend Sherrie told me that she has cut back on Christmas gifts.  At one time, she gave 80 each year, not to relatives but to all the employees at the condominium complex where she lived.  She shared how much she loved shopping for something people wouldn’t buy for themselves.

Sherrie stopped when she realized that only 15 of the 80 ever said thanks, and one asked her to take back the gift and just give him the money it cost.

We all know that it’s no fun to give a present that is not appreciated, and even though we don’t give to be thanked, it is hard to reward ungratefulness year after year after year.

I wonder if that is how Jesus feels. His gift to you and me was about as personal as possible, and it certainly went far beyond the pajamas and gift cards I deliver.

He sacrificed his life for us, yet people get so wrapped up (pun intended) in the shopping and decorating, they can’t find time to even thank him for leaving Heaven to be born in a stinky, wooden trough so he could die on a blood-stained, wooden cross.

I reiterate: For you. And me.

Is Jesus anywhere in your Christmas plans?

A toddler, Spencer, was at the mall with his mother and grandfather when he noticed the long line of families waiting to get their kids’ pictures taken with Santa. Spencer had been taught that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of God’s Son, and with the innocence of a child, he turned to his mom and asked, “Where’s the line to see Jesus?”

 Both his mother and grandfather–Becky Kelly and Steve Haut–were so struck by the profoundness of this little boy’s question (and the message inherent within it) that they collaborated to write and record a song based on that experience. The recording was appropriately titled: “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?”  The words in the song are insightful:

“…Where’s the line to see Jesus?

He was born for me

Santa Claus brought me presents

But Christ gave His life for me.

In the blink of an eye

At the sound of His trump

We’ll all stand in line at His throne

Every knee shall bow down

Every tongue will confess

That Jesus Christ is Lord…”

Please don’t be like my friend’s ungrateful staff who failed to recognize the intent of their gift’s giver.  Take the time to be grateful, especially to the One after whom this holiday is named.  Happy birthday, Jesus!

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