What does the Bible say about wearing a mask?

Pastor Kevin Moyer. Submitted photo.

Submitted by Pastor Kevin Moyers, Rinehart Christian Church

Mask wearing in 2020 has been quite a topic of discussion.  President-elect Joe Biden says “Wear a mask.”  Dr. Anthony Fauci says, “Wear a mask.”  Did you know that the Bible addresses the subject of mask-wearing?

You might be interested in knowing that Jesus condemned the Pharisees for wearing a mask.

Now before anyone gets all “up in the air” about what I just said, maybe you should keep on reading this article.  Please don’t go away and tell folks the preacher at Rinehart is saying something that I’m really not saying at all.

Fifteen times in the book of Matthew Jesus addresses the subject of “mask-wearing.”  He addressed it once in Mark’s gospel, and four times in Luke’s gospel.  Add all that up and you have 20 scripture references that address mask-wearing, and everyone of them is cautioning us against wearing a mask.

Did you know the word “hypocrite” in the NT means “stage-actor?”  Let me quote to you from Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Greek Words as it defines the word “hypocrite”:  “Pretender; it was a custom for Greek and Roman actors to speak in large masks with mechanical devices for augmenting the force of the voice.”  Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance defines “hypocrite” this way:  “an actor; stage-player; pretender; a dissembler.”

Jesus took this word from the Greek and Roman theater and used it in such a way that people understood perfectly what He was getting at.   A hypocrite was someone pretending to be what they were not.  They were “stage-acting” in a spiritual sense.  In the case of the Pharisees, they were portraying themselves as spiritual-minded men, when really they were not spiritual at all.   They were just putting on a show.  They sounded spiritual on the outside, and maybe they “dressed like they were spiritual,” but in reality, they were not spiritual at all. They were wearing a mask.

Jesus had strong words of condemnation for those who were hypocritical “mask-wearers.”   Check out some of these scriptures:  Matthew 6:;2,5,16; 7:5; 22:18; 23:15,23,25,27,29; 24:51; Mark 7:6; Luke 12:56; 13:15.  It appears that those who act like they’re a Christian, but really they are not, are in for a terrible awakening.

Jesus wants us to be sincere in our faith, and real.  He wants us to be true.  Don’t be that person who is a “Sunday Christian,” but has nothing to do with Him through the week.  Don’t be that person who sings praises on Sunday morning and curses your neighbor on Tuesday evening.  “My brethren, these things ought not to be this way” (James 3:10).

May we all take off the masks and be what He wants us to be.

Now the other masks that you see people wearing in 2020 to protect them from the coronavirus, feel free to wear them if you want.

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  1. your twisting the words of the Bible to fit your belief. The mask they speak of in the Bible has nothing to do with a world wide pandemic and more about people hiding their true selves from others. Christians in my opinion should set the example and it is preachers that are suppose to protect their congregations from harm. This idea that we don’t need to wear a mask in service is driven by nothing more than money. Ministers are afraid that if they promote mask wearing, people won’t go to church. I say then those people need to re-evaluate their hearts because not wearing a mask during a pandemic is the least Christian like action and it tells would be new comers to Christ that the church don’t care about their well being or if they get sick and die. VERY un Jesus like in my opinion but as I’m finding out it’s not other peoples opinions that most ministers care about….it’s their budget or lack there of.

    1. Those that wear a mask show what little faith they have. If one lives in fear, then they are not living the life God intended.

      1. If you take some medicine that might impede your ability to drive safely, you are asked not to drive. Claiming that you don’t want to live in fear and driving anyway isn’t just taking a risk on yourself. You are selfishly increasing the risk for every other person on the road.

        Refusing to wear a mask that could help protect someone else if you happened to have COVID in situations where you have been asked to do so is the same thing. Now you may not care, but saying that you aren’t going to live in fear by increasing the risk to those around you is pretty silly.

        1. the science behind masks doesn’t exist still doesn’t exist. To wear it is to deny yourself of your God given immune system. To live your life thinking you’re a sick person who can possibly kill another makes you a hypocondriac. There’s no science behind asymptomatic spread being a thing.

          1. There is a ton of science behind it. The fact that you choose not to listen to it, or you are just blinded by all of the misinformation and lies floating around is a problem with so many people. I don’t care about your “freedom” to NOT wear a mask. I care about my freedom to live. It is time to suck it up and wear it in public. Get over yourself and your self-righteous “freedoms”.

          2. Leviticcus 13:45 “And the leper in whom the plague is, his clothes shall be arent, and his head bare, and he shall put a covering upon his upper lip, and shall cry, Unclean, unclean. 46 All the days wherein the plague shall be in him he shall be defiled; he is unclean: he shall dwell alone; without the camp shall his habitation be

          3. so you are saying the 800,000 dead Americans from covid are actually dead because they lacked faith in God ,.???? wow ,..you covidiots mamaze me..

          4. I’m a Carol too and I agree with you. Always
            things are twisted to fit a different narrative.
            I say believe what you want. Those who don’t come out of your protected house, but don’t take my right to breath away from me.

        2. This page didn’t age well. Bob, you are on the money. I hope the covidiots didn’t get you sick since you posted. Mask wearing to PROTECT OTHERS is the most Christian thing you can do.

          1. You don’t trust the Lord. And you say your a Christian. If your that afraid stay in your home.
            If you want to wear your mask , do it, but do not impose your BS on anyone that doesn’t agree with you! Mind your own business!

        1. Actually if you want to go that route, everybody I know to date that has been in a severe traffic accident were told specifically if they had been wearing a seat belt at the time of the incident they wouldn’t have survived. Seat belts save a lot of people, but they also rely on specific circumstances.

          Insurance doesn’t fit this argument here. Health insurance is the only one even remotely related as it directly involves healthcare, but healthcare is not the topic of conversation so it is still an invalid point.

      2. That’s weird because I remember Jesus approves of medicinal treatments and doctors. So you really think Jesus told the sick to get better on their own and trust in God? Please do your research on what the Bible has to say about medicine and science. Thank you.

          1. and he said, “you shall do these things and more.” Who have you healed recently?? His disciples were sent to heal people, and work together, . . . .

          2. Read 2 King 20 When King Hezekiah was told to go get figs and place on his wounds and he would be healed. Bottom line – God can use whatever He wants to protect us or heal us – even spit!!

          1. aND Jesus never drove a car or a pickup.
            and Jesus never dined at a restaurant.
            Jesus never went to a job 9-5, and received a paycheck.
            Jesus never owned a property.
            He never bought a lawn mower, and mowed a huge yard. Jesus never did a lot of things you do every day, every week. And he certainly never went to church in a huge brick building which spends thousands on upkeep and salaries. He said sell it and give the money to the poor.

        1. quote the scientific paper that proves mask save lives.
          more, loneliness, depression and health issues are created by not seeing, touching, loving and being around human
          beans. That means you and me.

          1. Here’s the conclusion from a review of studies evaluating masks: “The preponderance of evidence indicates that mask wearing reduces transmissibility per contact by reducing transmission of infected respiratory particles in both laboratory and clinical contexts. “ source: PNAS January 26, 2021 118 (4) e2014564118; https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.201456411

          2. My mask doesn’t prevent me from touching seeing or feeling other humans. My mask doesn’t make me lonely. If you’re lonely, it’s because you don’t have a real person in your life who cares for you. But not the mask. Dying from COVID is lonely.

      3. Leviticus 13: 45-46 specifically requires facemasks to prevent the spread of plagues. It also mandates quarantines and social distancing.

        1. Thank you. I missed this comment the first time I went through these. People need to stop tempting the Lord their God and to obey the authority placed over them by God.

          1. Whose authority? Then you should become a Catholic because that is the authority placed over us by Jesus Christ himself when he made Peter the first Pope.
            You and other churches who left the church are actually disobeying Jesus by your rebellion.

        2. LOL, a poor argument for facemasks!!! Leviticus also says to wear torn clothes and have your hair unkept ! And last don’t forget if you get the “disease” you have to live apart and when you go out you must call out to everyone, “unclean, unclean”.

          45 “Anyone with such a defiling disease must wear torn clothes, let their hair be unkempt,[a] cover the lower part of their face and cry out, ‘Unclean! Unclean!’ 46 As long as they have the disease they remain unclean. They must live alone; they must live outside the camp.

          1. So what you are saying is that people should wear a mask and if they have COVID Isolate. Isn’t this exactly what all the scientists have been saying?

        3. Only the diseased are required to wear a mask so they don’t spread it. It clearly states that in Leviticus. Also they are to identify themselves as “unclean” while they have the disease. Not only that they are to isolate themselves.

        4. That’s for those who were sick and not for those who were healthy! If you are sick stay home and heal, if you go out then wear a mask.

        5. It never told the well to quarantine, only the sick.. and the ‘plague’ was leprosy. Why, then, did Jesus touch lepers?

      4. So you are saying wearing a mask is wrong – does that mean I can walk in the middle of a busy highway? Or not wear a seat belt? Like the poster James states – using Scripture to support your view is great – just as long as the Scripture is not taken out of context.

        1. it is not taken out of context. AND no one should be told they can’t. Just not told they must. Our very freedoms and rights to life were given to us by GOD ALmighty. And a right to life for many of us do not involve a face muzzle. Who can properly breathe with a face muzzle on. You are making yourselves sick doing it. But if that is what you want to do – God did give you free will. Just don’t push your nonsense on people that have Common sense and HIGH Christian values.

          1. Your freedoms are given to you by the country of the United States of America and they can easily be taken away.

      5. A diseased person must wear torn clothes and let his hair hang loose, and he must cover his mouth and cry out, ‘Unclean, unclean!’ Leviticus 13:45

        1. And what about those who have a concealed carry license and carry a firearm? Are they not living in fear? I’m going to wear my mask and hopefully save you and me!

          1. No, we are not living in fear. Its our right. And I wear mine to protect my home, car, family, from some one that mat try to do harm. I am not afraid of anything, except the wrath of God. As far as the masks go, if they work so well in protecting from this deadly virus, why did the mask wearing lady sitting 4 chairs away from me panic when I sneezed..in the emergency room..while wearing the EXACT same mask she was….If that flimsy piece of unfilterd material will keep out that deadly virus, shouldn’t have to worry about a simple sneeze….And I wasn’t there because I was running a fever, or loss of taste,….I cut myself and needed 6 stitches….so….

          2. What a horrible lie of the devil. The father of this lie. Matthew 23:16-17. Blind guides and blind fools. You’re the one who appears to be who He is talking about when He talks of hypocrites… You are handling the word of God deceitful, (2 Corinthians 4). You have contributed to thousands of preventable deaths with this lie on the word, Jesus Christ.

      6. Wearing a mask shows how MUCH faith and trust they have in God who gives us the knowledge and tools to protect ourselves and others. Wearing a mask shows you understand what Jesus’s teachings are all about. NOT WEARING A MASK shows how selfish and self centered you are and how little you understand what Jesus is all about. Just like the story of the preacher and the flood. The preacher was standing on his roof as the flood waters were rising and along came a boat and told him to jump in. He replied, no thanks, I’m waiting for God to save me. Then along came a helicopter that lowered down a rope, but again he said no thanks I’m waiting for God to save me. So it went on. Then when the man drown and was before God, he asked God, Why didn’t you save me? And God replied, I sent you a boat and I sent you a helicopter. No one who wears a mask is living in fear, they are doing what they should to help and protect not only OTHERS, but themselves too. And getting vaccinated showing their faith in God’s provision to man of knowledge and science. Not wearing a mask and refusing to do so only screams I DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT MYSELF and you do not understand what Jesus is all about.

        1. That is not true. Only the diseased are required to wear a mask so they don’t spread it. It clearly states that in Leviticus. The only part of your story about the man waiting for God to send him help, and the guy was to blind to see. But God has warned us about many things, mainly false teachings. If anyone can not clearly see how the Government is trying to control us, is just as blind as the story you told of the man on the roof waiting for God to save him. Since Covid I’ve been cautious but at the same time living not in fear. God has taught me many things in my life. If you really think God is OK with all the mandates and the Government and others following along trying to force us on the vaccines, which is new technology (not actual vaccines. Vaccines cure you) you are mistaking. This is the Government and World Leaders that are against God. They are evil. We are in the time of Good is Evil and Evil is Good (Isaiah 5:20). With everything that is going on in the World, I don’t understand how you can’t see it. Everything that is going on, is against the law. Even God’s laws. There is nothing selfish or unselfish on the masks. I’m pretty sure God rather me be able to breath, rather then feeling suffocated. I do comply if it’s reasonable. But getting these shots, nope, it’s all about money and it doesn’t save you from Covid.

          1. FYI, vaccines do not cure you!
            What Is a Vaccine?

            In case you haven’t guessed it already, vaccines and cures are, in fact, two very different things. “Unlike most medicines, which are often used to treat a disease or infection, vaccines are developed to prevent them,” explains Dr. Mona Kennedy, a doctor at Forward’s San Francisco location. “A vaccine is a weakened, or non-viable version of the infection that stimulates your immune system to produce antibodies, exactly like your body would begin to do if you were actually exposed to the full-strength infection in the wild. The hope is, these antibodies provide immunity to that infection and prevent you from contracting it.”

        2. What makes you believe that this virus, out of all the many viruses the world has ever seen, is more powerful than God?

          And where in the bible does God tell us to turn from love and live in fear?

          It’s simply not possible to wear a mask if you are not coming from a place of fear, as that would make no sense and not even the ego would do that, so the person that wears a mask must be living in fear, which is diametrically opposed to God. Love and fear cannot coexist, so you either choose fear and live in this world or you choose love and live in His Kingdom, which is NOT of this world because this world is based on fear, scarcity and lack whereas God’s Kingdom is based on love, abundance and unity. The ego cannot be part of that because by its nature it makes itself separate from others and therefore is not united, and instead it lives in constant combat with other egos and together they have created this world, which is based on fear, drenched in fear and requires the fear of other egos to remain in existence.

          1. The entire reason you belong to the cult of Christ is based on fear. You’ve been brainwashed to believe that you will face eternal torment from a supposedly loving god for the unforgivable ‘sin’ of not believing in him. That’s not love. That’s raw, abject fear. If you’re a Christian, your life is consumed by fear.

      7. Satan wants to destroy
        Gods creation. By not protecting other by masking or vaccines were spitting in gods face, and serving satan ultimate wish. Destroy man who he fell to the earth by his jealously and hate.

      8. A Christian brother and myself would have quite the discussion on masks. He would say would Jesus have worn a mask ? Along with a YouTube video. I do have a answer for this but my main concern was that he said the Holy Spirit is my mask. At first it did make me feel that my faith was on the week side. I steal wore my mask knowing that it does make a difference. I believe it is a sacrifice we as believers can make to do are part in helping not to spread (and get) the virus. I have not hear from my friend for a while and found out he was home sick with a terrible cough. He refused to see a doctor. His coughing got so bad he almost passed out. 911 was called and he was taken to the local hospital. Diagnosed with covid-19 pneumonia, oxygen level in the 70’s. within 5 days he died. He was also anti vaccine. Good fear protects us, bad fear condemns us. Wearing a mask does not show weakness of faith but of anything wisdom in understanding how the Lord works. Masks do make a difference.

        1. And anyone that dies that is blind to everything around them that is modern and much more knowledgeable than anything written in that history book called the Bible, will say something like “God chose to take him”, “it’s gods choice and decision” or “God works in mysterious ways.” They’ll keep lying to themselves until the very end… And then they’ll get the biggest surprise of their life/death.

      9. same with those who don’t get vaccinated because they believe they’ll be protected by the ‘blood of Jesus’. Fair enough, but then they go to the hospital begging for medicine at the first sign of shortness of breath, because they’ve lost their faith in Jesus. Imagine that the last thing they do before dying is to demonstrate their loss of faith in Jesus by going to the hospital…

      10. it is a pity that some Christians contradict the Bible so plainly (as the comment above does). Jesus, reiterated, “You shall love your neighbour as yourself”. The Old Testament civil law forbids us to put other’s lives at risk by our own selfish practices. Every flat roof in the Israel HAD to have a guard rail/wall (“parapet”) to prevent objects(or people) falling on people below and thus killing or injuring them.
        The wearing of masks prevents people infecting others when we cough or sneeze. During a deadly epidemic, it is protective love in action, to wear a face mask. The idea that people wearing face masks show we have little faith is the devil’s lie. Indeed anti-face maskers with their obsessive crusade, merely hasten the rule of the anti-Christ as true reliance on the Bible is being discredited by their ignorant preaching. Preach the gospel, not paranoid obsessions against sensible rules that are based on biblical principles.

        1. those who buy into the LIE of the plandemic (wearing masks, social distance, everyone is contagious even without symptoms, we need masks, blah blah blah) is a Bearing of FALSE Witness which is breaking a commandment EDUCATE yourselves. THERE IS NO Deadly virus. There is no need for masks. 1st they don’t keep virus from spreading, 2nd it is harmful to you. and the JAB IS VERY VERY DEADLY! WAKE UP quit using the bible to push a plandemic. NONSENSE!! JESUS would not and is not ok with this

      11. How about protecting other people? If one gets covid and spreads it to someone who dies as a result, is that what Jesus would want?

      12. Welp. You’re wrong but I’m not surprised by the rhetoric. The “life that God intended” NEVER included selfishness. On the contrary, the “life God intended” is SELFLESS. That means giving up your rights and freedoms for others. It’s not hard. Put a mask on and get vaccinated. You’re part of the problem; not the solution. Put GOD first means Put OTHERS ahead of yourself.

      13. Just like gun owners. They believe that Jesus can protect them from a virus but not from a criminal so they get a gun. Tell us you don’t really believe in Jesus without telling us…

      14. The bible literally says the opposite. God has provided us all with the tools we need to live. If you refuse those tools then you are a fool. He gave you the solution. He reached out his hand and you slapped it away. It is you who insult god.

        1. Yes, it’s just like the comment LC had made. There are many things in life that were invented to help us get through and protect us, in life. Of course, we have the Bible, but we also have sunscreens, nutritional supplements, clothes to protect our bodies in freezing conditions, clothes to protect us from extreme heat conditions, toothpaste to help protect us from gingivitis, etc. I wonder if the anti-maskers all refuse to brush their teeth because they think protecting ones’ self from gingivitis and painful cavities equates to fear. I don’t know how long Covid is going to be as bad as it is. Hopefully in the future, people can get back to normal and not have to wear one. I believe that sometimes, at least for a season, we need certain things. When that season passes, we do away with those things. When we cut ourself, we utilize certain things to protect the cut, so it doesn’t get worse. We use our judgement on what to do. We might put a bandage on if it is bleeding heavily. When the cut is better, we remove the bandage. I don’t know anyone that is going to say they’re not going to put someething on a heavily bleeding cut, and just let it bleed, because they trust that God will protect them. He provided people wisdom to invent things like bandages, to help us, as they are needed. Protection can come from God with the Bible and prayer, but He has given us other things to help protect us as well.

    2. Would Christ wear a mask? Of ye of little faith.

      It’s like wearing a seatbelt as if if it’s totally going to keep you from harm or death. You people talk from yourselves, but clearly don’t read the word which is the truth.

      1. Leviticus 13:45-46
        New International Version
        45 “Anyone with such a defiling disease must wear torn clothes, let their hair be unkempt,[a] cover the lower part of their face and cry out, ‘Unclean! Unclean!’ 46 As long as they have the disease they remain unclean. They must live alone; they must live outside the camp.

    3. Stepping aside from the virus, I think many maybe post have no idea of the correlation of donning a mask and the biblical implications. Absolutely amazing that Jesus warns Christain of this exact scenario. Wow!

      1. Dana, perhaps you might share your insight instead of playing carrot and stick. Seriously. Not everyone has insight nor do immature Chtistians know to exegete.

    4. God’s words say to have faith in him and to trust in him, his words are telling you that he brought down this pandemic to show people he is still in CHARGE and we should all turn from the wicked ways of this world, God is not HAPPY with us right now, remember if we had preacher’s that would go see the sick people would be comfort, JESUS went to heal the sick,the mask just shows us alot of people are living in the world and not for CHRIST. It plainly saids it in God’s words I will not argue over God’s words, since March of 2020 I have not changed nothing in my life, I still go out of town, I still go see my grandbabies and my daughter and guess what No Face mask, it’s called trusting God’s words and having faith in God not the WICKED World.

      1. Your position is not entirely scriptural, Johnny. You would be hard put to backup your postion.
        Remember 1Corinthian 13, descriptive of God’s Love for us.
        He sent Jesus whom we crucified.
        What we are observing is the work of the evil one, our enemy.
        My God rejoices over me in Joy…He is “Happy” with me inspite of my mistakes.

      2. NO. The mask shows that we are caring for others as Christ cared for us. The mask (as well as vaccinations) are a SELF-LESS act. God’s commands are pretty simple yet you people don’t seem to get the very essence of who God truly is. He is L O V E. He commanded us to LOVE OTHERS. Yes, he went among those who were ill unmasked. He is God; we are not. That point, you people seem to forget. He was very clear in his word that our “rights and freedoms” are to take a backseat to our loving and caring for others. That means being SELF LESS. It’s not hard Johnny. Get vaccinated and wear a friggin mask like the rest of those who claim they care for God but actually do!

        1. What makes you believe that this virus, out of all the many viruses the world has ever seen, is more powerful than God?

          And where in the bible does God tell us to turn from love and live in fear?

          It’s simply not possible to wear a mask if you are not coming from a place of fear, as that would make no sense and not even the ego would do that, so the person that wears a mask must be living in fear, which is diametrically opposed to God. Love and fear cannot coexist, so you either choose fear and live in this world or you choose love and live in His Kingdom, which is NOT of this world because this world is based on fear, scarcity and lack whereas God’s Kingdom is based on love, abundance and unity. The ego cannot be part of that because by its nature it makes itself separate from others and therefore is not united, and instead it lives in constant combat with other egos and together they have created this world, which is based on fear, drenched in fear and requires the fear of other egos to remain in existence.

    5. Absolutely spot on. Jesus in this context is talking about the mask of identity and not the mask of protection against illness. How much worse is it that the author of this is twisting Jesus’s word to suit their rhetoric.

    6. It is about scientific data! Why was no one wearing them for the flu virus that prior to covid killed so many healthy young kids, adults AND elderly? I am a former nurse and nurse practitioner and would be mocked prior to covid when I wore one on a plane but keep in mind I would wear a N95 that had been properly fit tested for my face in order to protect others and myself in order to continue to serve the Lord and others. Do it in the name of the Glory of God and understand the science better. Do not participate in this form of oppression which the Lord condemns. My prayers are with all those led astray and distracted while our freedoms are at risk and compliance will lead to death in your unvaccinated or unmasked neighbors. See the CDC shielding process and read the Bible for your own higher understanding.

      1. Many people in the world actual do wear them during flu out breaks, and they have been recommend in the US for bad flu outbreaks. You only underline the fact we should have been wearing them during the flu like other countries.
        Leviticus 13:45-46
        New International Version
        45 “Anyone with such a defiling disease must wear torn clothes, let their hair be unkempt,[a] cover the lower part of their face and cry out, ‘Unclean! Unclean!’ 46 As long as they have the disease they remain unclean. They must live alone; they must live outside the camp.

    7. I went into.a.church this morning , I was greeted by a temperature gauge on my forehead, then my wrist .alot of people wore masks. I don’t know if it was me? I didn’t feel the spirit of the Lord there.

    8. BUT… the mask is a way to block yourself from others. It creates a barrier… like a laptop during an interview. You can only see the eyes. It sucks, and it’s still hiding yourself. I’m going to submit a religious exemption to masks at school…. or at least I’ll try to.

    9. Agreed. Mask is being used as a metaphor for presenting a false face to the world. That has nothing to do with wearing a mask to protect others from Covid-19. To quote Philippians 2: 4 “Instead of each person watching out for their own good, watch out for what is better for others.”

    10. Agree! But, that’s what these people do. They haven’t truly STUDIED with PRAYER the very bible they claim they believe. The bible (God’s word) is VERY clear about what he wants of each of us and that is to LOVE one another. He says to follow HIS example, not Trumps, not Bidens, not Humphrey bogarts. HIS will and HIS will alone. His will is to LOVE. That means giving up the “rights and freedoms” we want to latch on to. Galatians 5:13 – For you were called to Freedom brothers, only do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh but SERVE one another.” That service means loving one another. Giving, without expecting a thing in return. These folks do not truly love God, for if they did, they’d love him by loving others which is what he commanded from the very beginning.

    11. I see your point but it’s also worth noting how people were making it as though they were the more “ holy” ones , and yet all modern hospitals derived from the fact the people who lived and followed Jesus and read the Word and did the Good Samaritan thing , and even the way Jesus went to the “cursed” lepers , you know that’s the risk following Jesus was and still is and amazing things happened there , instead it was like tares in the wheat distorted the truth of what disciples of Christ are all about and fear and isolation and attacks of unholiness were the main narrative , and in the name of Jesus for many – and many used scripture in so many forms and made Christianity look bad and divided peoples and yet the truth is evident in how fake regions and fake spirituality really works , this pastor is correct and on point and yet did it out of truth and love and tender mercy ….

    12. You really missed the point of this man’s message. It would appear that you are so political charged that reading and comprehension is challeged.

    1. You wear your mask for you! we didn’t ask nor need your protection my God given immune system protects me!

      1. Check it sorryantivaxer.com for the long – and growing – list of now dead Christians who thought that their God given immune systems would protect them. So many dead

    2. That is propaganda, John. You are parroting. Check yourself. But if you decide to wear one do not condemn others who decide otherwise. That is called ,”virtue signaling”. Be discerning.

      1. Thank you pastor Paul you are correct. The churches of today are too much about “feel good” messages to make profits and we need a revival asap to share the true word of God!

  2. The Bible condemned masked wearing not in the sense of health issue but in the sense of hypocrisy. The Bible also tells us to remove the masks from our hearts so that we can receive the word God. Hypocrisy was one of the many areas of Christianity that our Lord Jesus addressed most during his ministry. HE called one group of people “white washed tombs, dry bones” Masked wearing was condemned because the hiding of face was away of not revealing your true feelings and hypocrisy.

      1. Jesus was very much against those who covered their face unless they were deseased.
        I think about the sin this has created. Denying Christians of our free will. I fail to believe that a nation could be brainwashed in to the most harmful act there is. And telling people you must wear a mask outdoors! Goodness.

  3. Kevin!! What a terrible,egocentric, dangerous, disingenuous message for people!!!!
    This is a pandemic! That is it effects the whole world. Not everyone in the world is a christian and should not follow the ways of christianity but science that knows not religion but facts to keep people safe!

  4. Mask wearing revealed many things about people:

    1)That masses of people can still be controlled, manipulated, brainwashed, and steered with propaganda.

    2) Many people have so little faith in anything and so much fear of everything that they are now vaccinated, AND they still wear their masks!

    3) These are people who likely believed every single bit of fear mongering there has been about global warming.

    4) A huge number of people also believed Al Gore in 2006 when on the Today Show he told Katie Couric New York would be under water right about now. Ref: “When co-anchor Katie Couric asked Al Gore on the May 24, 2006 Today show “What do you see happening in 15 to 20 years if nothing changes?…Even Manhattan would be in deep water”, he replied: “Yes, in fact the World Trade Center Memorial site would be underwater.”

    In my opinion, when people have spiritual faith in nothing, they end up fearing everything.

    1. Well said Daniel Doherty!

      What is the best way to control a population? Through fear! That is exactly what we are living in here. you can tell exactly who on here is glued to MSM, just from the lack of common sense answers. The best one I’ve heard was… ” I wear this mask for you” what a crock, don’t push your psychosis on me. You go ahead and wear your mask, I will go and not wear your mask. “My body my choice” Right MSM watchers? God would have made me with a mask if he wanted me to wear a mask.

      1. So, I suppose if God wanted you to drive a car he’d have made you with wheels. Or if God wanted you to hear what someone you love has to say, you’d hear it, you wouldn’t need a telephone, or if you needed clothing or food, God would provide it for you like he does the flowers of the field, or the birds of the air.
        Your argument is a joke!

        1. … someone you love??? Are you saying there are people you don’t love? And ego would you need a telephone to hear the person who is standing next to you? – that’s bizarre. And if God doesn’t provide your clothes and food, I’m guessing you go out to work for them like all the other people who don’t trust in God? Again, that’s such a bizarre thing to say, unless you’ve never read the bible or put your trust in God. And why would God have made us with wheels if he wanted us to drive a car? Are you saying he would have made us with wheels instead of feet? If so, I don’t know how a person with wheels for feet would drive a car?

    2. If I have the flu, I’ll try not to cough or sneeze on anyone. If I touch something that might have bacteria on it, I’ll wash my hands before touching my food or others food. COVID is unlikely to hurt me. I might even have it and not know it. But if I’m around someone who might be more at risk, it seems trivial to wear a mask to lower the chance I might pass on something that could hurt them.

      A older relative of mine died because they got COVID from someone like you who didn’t care if they infected someone else.

      1. Why was your elderly relative hanging around with people that didn’t care if they infected someone? Was he/she trying to catch it or did they think they were invincible?

        1. When elderly people go out to run their errands, they don’t know who they’re going to encounter when going out in public. Even when I go out in public, I don’t know anything about the strangers I encounter, whether they have or don’t have Covid, whether they care or don’t care if they infect someone. I know a lot of elderly people that have to go out and get errands done. They don’t have anyone to do it for them. I don’t think someone is going to walk into the store and say at the door, “By the way, before I come in, is there anyone in this store who doesn’t care if they infect me or not? Okay, so maybe someone responds that they don’t care. So they don’t go in the store. Then they decide to get what they need delivered instead, but maybe the delivery person doesn’t care if they infect anyone. People have to do their errands. They can’t always pick and choose to only be around members of the public that do care. When I have to go to the doctor in person, there’s a whole waiting room full of people, and the last time I went in, hardly anyone had a mask on, even the staff, even though they’re still required where I live in a medical setting. I can’t tell myself, well these people don’t care , so I might as well leave and choose not to hang around these people. If I did that, I would never get seen. It’s the same with the elderly. They generally go to the doctor more than I do.

    3. Again, it’s not about fear. I personally, during flu season wore a mask long before Covid, when I went to certain places that were crowded. No one made me and it wasn’t about fear. If I get sick, that’s a big time waster that I would just rather not have happen. Can’t get anything done when your’e in bed. When firefighters go in to a building that is on fire with heavy smoke, they wear certain things for protection from inhalation or from burning their bodies. It wouldn’t be safe not to. God expects us to take care of our bodies. To put on a seat belt doesn’t mean we’re afraid; we are trying to keep ourself safe. When I am forced to be around smokers, like at the bus stop, to keep my allergy symptoms from being so bad, I put a mask on, because I have severe reactions to the smoke. It doesn’t keep it all out, but it does help. I do the same thing when someone sprays heavy chemicals. I do it because I don’t want to suffer certain reactions that I know I get; reactions I know from experience happen. Why do people with peanut allergies not move close to a peanut butter factory? Because they know how peanuts make them react, and it’s wise to stay away from it. Some people who do yard work put on heavy gloves so they don’t get a bunch of sores from all the thorns. They’re not afraid of the thorns, they’re just uncomfortable when they are poking you all day. I rarely get sick because I take certain precautions, and I know what tends to work for me. Has nothing to do with fear. It’s potential prevention. The masks for Covid is also about loving your neighbor. Masks work best when worn by the majority, not just those who are extra vulnerable. It’s just another layer of protection. Prevention and fear are not the same thing. Why do we lock our doors? Our cars? Wear hats in the sun? God protects his people, but He also expects us to take reasonable care of ourselves and make wise decisions, such as wearing seat belts.

      1. It’s not possible to wear a mask and not wear it out of fear and you clearly stated that you do wear it because of fear, you said you’re afraid of getting sick as it would get in the way of what you want to do and in your mind, that’s a waste of time and you don’t want to waste time but if you had no fear you would not fear wasting time and you would not fear getting sick.

        And seriously, if you think a seat belt is going to give you more protection than God Almighty, who not only created this world but also maintains it, then I guess God isn’t valued very highly by you because a seat belt will definitely not prevent you from having an accident and neither will it protect you from injury or death, although it may, but it’s not a guarantee. So if you trust a seat belt over God then I can see why you would trust an old t-shirt over the face to protect you from a so called virus, which, if you understand contagion, will know it’s impossible to ‘catch’. So, yes, you are 100% wearing the face cover out of fear and there is no fear in love and if God is love, which he is, then clearly anything that involves fear is not of Him but of this world, which has NOTHING to do with God as His Kingdom is NOT of this world.

      2. Debbie you nailed it. Sadly 2Tim 2:15 does not resonate with everyone. God’s word does not need our defense. It is TRUE whether we believe/accept it or not. If we would but keep TRUTH in it’s proper context, there would be no debate but AMEN and Amen. . .

          1. Like I said, Autumn, I have a ton of things to do, and being in bed, I can’t get them done. Being a full time student, you have to be there to do the work. If I was not busy being a student, I wouldn’t mind being sick. I am not afraid of sickness, I just don’t have time for it. If I miss too much school, who is going to pay back my financial aid because I failed, because I couldn’t attend class. Attendance is mandatory. Also, it is possible to wear a mask and not have fear. If I live in a freezing climate, and I have to work outside, common sense and past frostbite experience lets me know to cover my face with a knit mask in the cold. Maybe some people don’t care about getting frostbite, but that hurts, and I am going to do whatever I can in that situation to prevent it. Do people not lock their doors at night? I am pretty sure people who trust God still lock their doors to their homes. and vehicles. Also, I didn’t say a seat belt was a guarantee. Yes, there have been some cases where a seat belt made an accident worse. There are still times that people might choose to take measures to protect themselves from things. Also, a seat belt is required by law to use, and the Bible states that we are to obey our local authorities, as long as they don’t tell us to do anything unbiblical. So that is what I am going to follow. I am not afraid to drive without a seat belt, and would if I was allowed, but where I live, this is against the law. Also, Autumn, I am not sure my responses are being received anymore, as I don’t see any more of my new ones being posted any longer.

  5. Read the whole article. This has nothing to do with the pandemic or wearing a mask for health reasons. At least read the last sentence in the article.

    1. I believe most of these people did read the article, Gregory Motley. What a lot of these people are doing is just responding to the comments of people who probably didn’t read it too well.

  6. It all boils down to this. The devil is the “father of lies” the great deceiver, who do we side with? Satan darkness, evil, (science), or,
    God, light&truth. The Bible is clear that we should pray that we not be deceived in the last days, and even the elect will be deceived, I.E. televangelist preachers pushing science/vaccination over faith and healing, or, supporting science over teaching people how not to live in fear, by faith in Jesus. Choose your master. As for Me and my house we choose Jesus Christ, and God our father the great I AM, Alpha&Omega. To God be the glory.

  7. Jesus used the word ‘hypocrite’ (originally known as ‘stage actor) as a metaphor for those who would do things just to act as they do. He never meant to directly call those Greek and Roman actors hypocrite, but rather use it as a METAPHOR. The metaphorical use of ‘hypocrite’ has no correlation with mask-wearing itself, except for the origins of the word.

    Mask-wearers are not hypocrites in any way, and fundamentally, they are attempting to protect themselves and others as much as possible.

    I adore your attempt to argue against mask use with biblical verses, but at least you tried!

    1. Apparently you missed some of what the author wrote, so I will quote it for you because he did mention the origins of the word Hypocrite. Here is what he wrote, ” Did you know the word “hypocrite” in the NT means “stage-actor?” Let me quote to you from Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Greek Words as it defines the word “hypocrite”: “Pretender; it was a custom for Greek and Roman actors to speak in large masks with mechanical devices for augmenting the force of the voice.” Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance defines “hypocrite” this way: “an actor; stage-player; pretender; a dissembler.”
      Pastor Moyers also wrote this,
      “Jesus took this word from the Greek and Roman theater and used it in such a way that people understood perfectly what He was getting at. A hypocrite was someone pretending to be what they were not.”
      The last two sentences of the article refutes your accusation that he was arguing against mask use for health safety, and in fact reaffirms that his original message was in fact using masks as a metaphor for not being a hypocrite in the practicing of your Christian faith.
      Perhaps you should go back and read his article all over again.

    2. masks do NOTHING but hurt the one wearing it. And if you did your research you would see that viral particles are way smaller than the mesh weave in any mask. PLUS the blue ones have items in them that go right up into your nose and take lodge. You don’t want them there. THIS IS about control. And it violates biblical scripture to force anyone to supress their GOD given breath of life, but only TRUE Christians will understand this.

  8. Faith level differs from people to people. Be practical in your living. If anyone can do a dust full, smelly, painting and poisionus gas work without wearing a mask as a protective gear, then they can go around without a mask during this pandemic period. God bless you all.

  9. Yeah…that really isn’t an accurate comparison, Bob.
    Matt.9:27-29. As reference.
    Each man’s faith is their own experience w/YHVH and His Word as He reveals it to the man. He is responsible for re-newing his mind with truth ie;Gods way.
    As for masks, Ecclesiastes8:1, Acts16:15. A mans face reflects hi heart proverbs27:19.
    Then CONSIDER, take into the account the principles of Law that govern this country which invests power and government by CONSENT. Each man should consider wisely his course.

  10. Pastor, I respectfully rebuke your conclusion, which is Biblically errant, and I urge you to consider a time of fasting and prayer to discern God’s will in all of this and to lead you in His ways, everlasting.

    Regarding wearing a mask for Covid 19 “protection,” the verses you quote are apt, but not complete. By wearing a mask for “protection” from Covid-19 or any other illness, we put on a facade of virtue signaling that we “care about others,” when the opposite is quite true. If we truly cared about others, we would show them our face, and God’s mercy and grace through our loving actions and interactions with them. The masks scientifically do not work to prevent the spread of viruses, and any article to the contrary is deceptive. On the contrary, they cause harm to those who are wearing them (loss of O2 content, excess CO2, plus bacterial and viral accumulation that can actually lead to the increase of disease for self and others. Perhaps most importantly, they deny human connection. So you see, there isn’t any clearer example of putting up airs, as Jesus condemns, than wearing a mask.

    “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

    Are we not exhibiting worldly fear and care about what others will think about us (brash egotism) by wearing a mask? Should we not fear God alone and not Man? What can Man do to us? Are we not attempting to placate deluded fear in others by wearing a mask when in fact we should be doing the opposite by teaching people to love one another, as Jesus has loved us?

    God commands us, “Be not afraid,” perhaps more than any other commandment. Jesus repeated this same command repeatedly. He said to trust him with all of our heart. He commanded us to visit the sick and to bring healing; not just physical healing either, but also spiritual healing and emotional healing. This can only be done when we are exhibiting the image of God that He gave to us, which is on our whole face. Can we have true human connection when the image of God that helps connect us is covered? The clear answer is no. God designed us the way we are to interact with one another and have human connection with one another in a way that uplifts one another. A mask on the face does nothing other than elevate worldly fear and encourage the delusions caused by the great deception of our time to continue.

    Take off the mask and be encouraged by the love of God. Fear God alone. And bring the love of Jesus Christ into the lives of everyone you encounter by showing the beautiful smile that He gave you. If you are sick, stay home. If you are well, go out and spread the Gospel and baptise in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, without a mask. God will protect those who have faith in Him.

    1. Then why, pray-tell, do you wear clothing (hats, shirts, pants…)? Mostly for protection, which is practical, I assume. If it’s for fashion you may be a sinner. I hope you have never worn make-up! You speak as if wearing glasses would be a sin because it alters your facial image. When I am treating patients with Covid – I’ve worked on a Covid unit since May 2020 – I must protect myself and others by wearing a mask and other PPE. The science IS there (plus just use critical thinking) and I have successfully avoided catching or passing Covid to others. I have been with dozens of people on their death beds and have tried to comfort them as best I could as they passed. If you truly care for people they will feel it with their very being and will see your sincerity through your gaze (smile with your eyes!) and warmth. I was created with a brain and use it to protect myself and others. How can science be evil when it used by people to save lives? The answer is: Science is not evil, people can be though. It is the way we use the tools we have been blessed with wether it be our brains, braun or the love we have for each other. Go now and spread love. There is only one who will judge us all in our time so remember that and live your life using the gifts you have been given; do not blindly follow those who will mislead us, including supposed “church leaders” and “men of God” who spread mistrust and hate for the sciences. They are not Him.

    2. You are wrong like a lot pharisee conservative christians God calls us to love others which by wearing a mask we will protect those that do not know God putting others before ourself.

  11. “wear them if you want” Can you imagine Jesus saying something like this: “help the needy if you want”.

    What does scripture say:

    Romans 13:10
    Love does not harm others.

    Philippians 2:4
    Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

    Psalm 82:4 ESV
    Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

    I dont wear a mask because Im afraid. I wear it to protect others. anything else is selfish and disregard for the above scriptures God gives us.

  12. Can’t any of you see how the devil is winning through this conversation? You are all arguing against each other and hating on one another. Would you say that by arguing and bickering with one another that God is pleased? The devil is having a wonderful time with this division. Have you all forgotten the most important command by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? Love God above all things and Love others as you love yourself. I’m only 16 years old and I can see that many of you are missing the faith. Remember brothers and sisters we are the wise builders, our house is built on the rock Jesus and the wind and rain will beat against us and we will not fall. But evidently some of you have built your house on the sand and when a plague hit your house fell and bent it’s knee. To quote John Ramirez “The Pharaoh was hit with 10 plagues and he finally bent his knee and gave the Israelites back, the Church gets hit with one plague and we’re doing Church online. The rock foundation is a foundation of Faith and Strength in Jesus Christ, and there are only 3 reasons someone would get the vaccine. 1 in fear of covid themselves. 2 in fear of giving covid to someone else. or 3 in fear of the government. All three reasons are based off of fear. And if you have fear than your house is not built on the rock, it’s built on the sand. Losing your Faith in Jesus Christ will damn you to the Lake of Fire. As Jesus said in the last days even the elect will lose their firmness. Realise that if the government can see that you’ll bow and take the vaccine, wait until they bring the Mark of the Beast, and anyone who took the vaccine without a thought will also take the Mark without a thought. I say this because I love you all and I SEE the passion for choosing what is right in Jesus Christ and I love that! But be careful who you are listening too, for many will come in His name and there will be many false prophets. Don’t lose your Faith brothers and sisters! ❤️

    1. Ironically, you are spreading fear just the same… know your words and be mindful of their intent. You cannot pick and choose what fear is bad and what fear is good. You show no love in attempting to chastise people through fear of damnation; it is such a hateful thing to do. Hypocrisy is a mask worm by many who use religion as a weapon to control those through fear. Fire and brimstone baby! Shame on those who use such hateful rhetoric as “justifications” for their faith.

  13. Bs, the Bible says to wear a mask.

    Leviticus 13:45-46
    New International Version
    45 “Anyone with such a defiling disease must wear torn clothes,(A) let their hair be unkempt,[a] cover the lower part of their face(B) and cry out, ‘Unclean! Unclean!’(C) 46 As long as they have the disease they remain unclean. They must live alone; they must live outside the camp.(D)

  14. Sigh. This conversation is disgusting. Pastor Moyers took advantage of a great oppportunity while literal mask wearing is on everyone’s minds and used it to discuss a spiritual and psychological issue.

    His article had nothing to do with whether you should wear a mask for Coivd purposes.

    He’s writing about how many of us are afraid to let others see our true selves, afraid of rejection if we let anyone see our flaws.

    I can get it–many in this town know my family was kind of weird. What most don’t know is that we have the generational cycle of abuse, that has resulted in one “black sheep” member being subject to such abuse that there has been one suicide or one suicide attempt per generation for at least four generations.

    I know all about what Kevin is saying here.

    My family has been unable to help itself precisely because of that “Mask Wearing” and maintaining a social image.

    It has caused me much hurt.

  15. Romans is clear on this “For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” Nor masks or vaccines, so wear a mask and get vaccinated

  16. Leviticus 13:45-46 addresses mask wearing specifically.

    It says, “45 “The leprous person who has the disease shall wear torn clothes and mlet the hair of his head hang loose, and he shall ncover his upper lip2 and cry out, o‘Unclean, unclean.’ 46 He shall remain unclean as long as he has the disease. He is unclean. He shall live alone. His dwelling shall be poutside the camp.”

    Pretty clear to me that sick people were meant to mitigate to spread disease. That includes social distancing and covering their mouths. The second most important commandment Jesus gave us was to love thy neighbor as we love him. This has always been about protecting each other, and using the idea of hypocrisy to justify your position on masks is disingenuous and dangerous.

    1. He is talking about lepers (those suffering from leprosy), not about a corona virus that is spreading around the world and killing thousands. Read what the bible says and quite doing your own interpretation and using that to support your arguments.

  17. I choose to wear a mask when indoors in public places or government places etc.
    If there is even the slightest chance that a mask may protect me from someone with covid-then I win.
    It is my choice-God gave me a brain to figure this out-I am wearing a mask.

    1. I was watching a video of our PM talking with Health Officials on Mask wearing. And basically they said a Mask through our Pandemic should be worn by Health professionals because they are in contact with sick people and anyone that has symptoms like cough,cold, sneeze so they do not spread the flu like symptoms to others around them. But, if you are well or if you find it difficult to breath properly anything that causes you distress a mask is not needed BUT, UP TO YOU WEAR A MASK IF IT MAKES YOU FEEL SAFER

  18. Yet another fake Christian who warps the teachings of Jesus to their political views. You can wear a mask to protect the elderly or those in poor health or you can decide your “freedom” matters more than the health and well-being of other humans. If a plague had been around in the time of Christ, he would have said to wear a mask most likely.

  19. The bible speaks against a veil covering the face in several new testament scriptures. 1 Corinthian 3:14-18, Mark 3:38, etc. The main question is wear does your faith stand. Is uour faith in man or is it in Jesus. Jesus gave us the power in Matthew 28 before he assended into heaven. Jesus also told us what is going to happen before his return in Matthew 24 starting in verse 4. Its all about the relationship you have with Jesus. Where does your faith lie. 365 times in the bible it say fear not or be not afraid. 336 times it says have faith, 56 times it says let no man deceive you.

    The main thing is to put your faith in Jesus and ask in Jesus name to protect you and rebuke the acts of evil that the devil and his people to detour you away from Jesus. Jesus is the only way. Without faith it is impossible to please God. My suggestion is to seek the kingdom of God. For all of this is going to pass away when the return of Jesus. The devil is trying to get people souls. He know that his time is short. We all can get on here and argue about everything, but we should be praying and asking God to deliver us and forgive us from our wicked ways.

    I sin everyday. I am not perfect. But through Jesus i can get forgiveness. Put faith in Jesus not in man, science or anything that is not of God. Ask this question? What would Jesus do?. He rebuke the pharisee, he rebuke the devil, he heal the blind, made the lame walk, raised the dead and even healed the leprosy. We have all the power in Jesus and his promise to do his works in yhe name of Jesus.
    Love one another and pray for one another. If a church goes against Gods word, then that is not were uou need to be. Alot of churches are part of the world council church organization in which answers to the Roman catholic church, in which is not of jesus. We are in the last church age that is spoken in revelation. We need to get our heart right with God not with people that is not of the blood of Jesus.
    My prayers are with everyone and may you seek God and put fsith in God through the blood of Christ.

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