USD 234 Agenda for Sept. 12


SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 5:30 P.M.


1.0 Call Meeting to Order Danny Brown, President

2.0 Flag Salute

3.0 Approval of the Official Agenda (Action Item)

4.0 Approval of the Consent Agenda (Action Item)

4.1 Minutes from August 8, 2022, Board of Education Meeting

Minutes from August 15, 2022, Special Board of Education Meeting

Minutes from August 22, 2022, Special Board of Education Meeting

Minutes from August 23, 2022, Special Board of Education Meeting

4.2 FinancialsCash Flow Report

4.3 Check Register

4.4 Payroll July 20, 2022 $1,361,769.35

4.5 Activity Fund accounts

4.6 First Day Enrollment Count

4.7 Appointment of Zach Reynolds as the school attorney for the 202223 school year

5.0 Leadership Reports (Information/Discussion)

5.1 FS KNEA Report

5.2 Superintendent’s Report

5.3 Assistant Superintendent’s Report

5.4 Business Manager’s Report

6.0 Old Business

6.1 No items

7.0 New Business

7.1 Approval of Erate contracts (Action Item)


7.2 Approval to place three buses and a suburban for sale through an online auction
and scrapping two buses (Action Item)

7.3 Approval of audit contract with Diehl, Banwart, Bolton (Action Item)

7.4 Approval of FSMS Curtain Divider Purchase (Action Item)

7.5 Approval of roof bids (Action Item)

7.6 District Communication & Public Relations Proposal (Action)

7.7 KDHE Grant Kansas K12 Stay Positive Test Negative Initiative (Action)

8.0 Public Forum

9.0 Other Business Personnel Matters

8.1 Enter Executive Session Personnel Matters (Action Item)

8.2 Exit Executive Session

8.3 Approval of Personnel Report (Action Item)

8.4 Exit Executive Session

9.0 Adjourn Meeting

President Brown

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