Update on Jail Staff Shortage

Bob Reed is the Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center Administrator. Taken from the jail’s website.

On June 16, 2022, Bourbon County Jail Administrator Bob Reed announced that inmates are being sent to other counties, because of staffing shortages.

On that day he announced that approximately 56 inmates out of 65 are being housed elsewhere, with a  cost to the county of $40 per day per inmate.

Reed said he and Sheriff Bill Martin are still working on the problem.

“As of 08-01-2022 we have 30 inmates (out of 54) being housed out,” Reed said. ” Depending on the county that is $35-45 per inmate per day.”

Currently, there are 24 being housed in Bourbon County with the rest in Allen, Cherokee, and Wilson County’s jails, according to the jail’s daily reports.

The Bourbon County Law Enforcement staff are still transporting inmates for hearings, etc.

“Some hearings are done by zoom and some are done in person,” Reed said.  ” The ones that are done in person are obviously transported here from the county they are being housed in and then transported back.”

“I currently have nine employees,” he said. “Three to five more will get us going.” Sixteen would make the jail fully staffed, he said.

“I have not been fully staffed for a long time,” he said.

Since June Sheriff Bill Martin and Reed have worked to raise the base pay from $12.50  an hour to $14.50 an hour, he said.

He said the county offers standard benefits of eye, health, dental, major medical insurance, sick time, and vacation.

Bourbon County Sheriff Bill Martin works at his desk at the Bourbon County Law Enforcement Center, Fort Scott.

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4 thoughts on “Update on Jail Staff Shortage”

  1. I’ve said this before, but I was never posted for whatever reason. But it’s important bill reed and sheriff martin know this. People are not worried about the pay and lack of benefits. People are too embarrassed to work for such a corrupt, perverted, and lazy team of deputies and sheriff’s. Get better at your jobs and people will be proud to work for you again. Fire the rapists and pedophiles and I bet you’ll hire more people than you can imagine without the bells and whistles

    1. Elizabeth, if you have proof that there are/were rapists and pedophiles working at the jail, please seek legal recourse. These are serious accusations that should require you to file a legal complaint.

  2. $12.50 to $14.50 an hour? And gas is $4 a gallon, milk is $4 a gallon, and everyone’s taxes are going up. At that money you’re not going to hire any decent jailers, you’re going to get inexperienced kids.

    Don’t we have a couple of city managers still on payroll? Have them come clean toilets and mop up bodily fluids.

    Yep, totally not worth it. How about $60k a year starting, leading to $80k after 3 years?

    Then maybe you’d actually get some professional people that will stick around.

    Either that, or for $1,000 a day I’ll house all your inmates in my personal dungeon. Rights WILL be violated, injuries will occur, accidents will happen. But they’re prisoners, not boy scouts

  3. Seems to me that they could hire several new jailers starting at a good wage for $2600 PER DAY?

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