Uniontown Receives Kansas Grant For a Mural

The Bandera Stone company building is on the north side of Uniontown’s square.

The City of Uniontown received a $2,250  grant from the Kansas Office of Rural Prosperity to have a mural painted in the town.

The grant for the mural was initiated by Mary Pemberton, who with her husband owns Bandera Stone, a dimension stone business in town.

Recently, they renovated a brick building on the north side of Uniontown’s square, at 103 Third Street.

“I have been considering a mural since we started renovations on the building,” she said. “I always notice murals when I travel and I think this location by the park is a perfect place to bring a little art to Uniontown.”

Mary Pemberton stands in front of the east side of the Bandera Stone building, where the mural will be painted.

The Bandera Stone building has a large exposed eastern side, which can be viewed from the city park, across the street.

Pemberton read about the grant opportunity from the Kansas Office of Rural Prosperity and at first she wasn’t interested.

“But the promotion they do for the winners would get Uniontown some attention, not only locally but state-wide, so I decided to apply,” Pemberton said.

Danyell Miles, Fort Scott,  is the artist selected by Pemberton to design and paint the mural.

Pemberton said they are finalizing all the details on the design but that it includes Bourbon County and Kansas iconic images with a special feature that pays homage to local authors.

“I have always been an avid reader so wanted to do something to incorporate books into the mural,” she said.  “You’ll have to wait until the mural is finished and come see it in person to find this special feature.  The mural is designed with a lot of elements that require you to spend a few minutes and look closely to really understand the significance of the details.  The mural is also designed with selfie (photo) lovers in mind and will have one 3D element for photo opportunities. Danyell deserves all the credit for taking my unorganized ideas and putting them together to design a very unique and interesting mural.”

“Painting should start in late June,” Pemberton said. “We expect to have it completed in time for a grand reveal during the final Music in the Park event at Uniontown city park on August 11th.”

To prepare for the mural, the Pemberton’s had the brick wall tucked pointed and cleaned, plus put lighting along that side of the building.

The Grant

“Awardees are in communities across the state with less than 15,000 population,” according to a press release from Kansas Governor Kelly’s office. “The murals will highlight community gathering spaces and tourist attractions – and provide a welcome message for visitors and residents alike. Each of the projects requires a 1:1 match from the community, with the smallest of communities being allowed to match the grant with in-kind donations. 75% of the grant funding will be gifted upfront as several of the city projects plan to start in the next few weeks.”


Uniontown, in the western part of Bourbon County, has a population of approximately 300 people.

Fort Scott also received  a grant for a mural through this program.

That story will be featured in an upcoming feature on fortscott.biz.


2 thoughts on “Uniontown Receives Kansas Grant For a Mural”

  1. Was this grant awarded to the city of Uniontown or to Bandera Stone? Who has final approval of the content/design of the mural?

    1. The design was created by Mary Pemberton and the artist, Danyell Miles, and approved by the City of Uniontown. The City of Uniontown did sponsor the mural and approved the design.

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