Uniontown Disc Jockey Plays Music To Cheer The Neighborhood

Rayma Ridge joins with dancers in the street of Uniontown on Wednesday evening. Courtesy photo.

Rayma Ridge said she was influenced by scenes of people around the world who started singing from their windows or balconies while being quarantined because of the pandemic.

She works from home and has a disc jockey business (Rayma’s D.J. Services) as an extra job.

“I’m an extrovert,” Ridge said. “This (stay-at-home order in Bourbon County) is hard on me. I’m sure it’s hard on others.”

All of her disc jockey events were canceled for April because of the order to stay home.

So Ridge decided to put her d.j. skills to use for her neighborhood.

“I got permission from the City of Uniontown,” she said. “I had to ask all my direct neighbors if it was fine. All of them were cool with it.”

So Wednesday evening from 6-8 p.m. on Third Street in front of Ridge’s house, she put up her speakers and a sign that said “Quarantine Block Party” and began playing kid-friendly music.

Uniontown people dance in the streets courtesy of Disk Jockey Rayma Ridge.

“I picked an evening that it wasn’t going to rain so people could be outside to enjoy it.”

Soon children and some adults were in the streets dancing, socially distancing of course.

Papa Don’s Serves Uniontown

Brita Bolton and two employees served 25 families at the Uniontown Square who had called in an order to Papa Don’s on Wednesday evening.

Although Ridge did not know it, Papa Don’s Restaurant, Fort Scott, had put out on social media that they would bring orders at 7 p.m. to Uniontown’s square.

Those people also got to enjoy the music from Ridge, who was just down the street.

Brita Bolton, owner of Papa Don’s said they served 25 families at the drive-through in Uniontown on Wednesday.


Protective Masks Being Made

Ridge has also devoted time to making protective masks for area essential businesses and medical personnel.

“I’ve been making masks, there is a Facebook group, Masks For SEK,” she said.


Some of the masks for essential workers and medical personnel that Ridge has made. Courtesy photo.

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