Uniontown Council Special Meeting Minutes of November 27

The Special Council Meeting on November 27, 2023 at Uniontown City Hall, was called to order at 6:00PM by Mayor Jurgensen.  Council members present were Danea Esslinger, Josh Hartman, Amber Kelly, and Brad Stewart.  Also in attendance for all or part of the meeting was City Clerk Sally Johnson.


Discuss ordinance regulating council pay – review and discussion of the draft ordinance presented.


Motion by Hartman, Second by Kelly, Approved 4-0 to adopt amended Ordinance No. 203, an ordinance establishing compensation for members of the governing body of the city of Uniontown, Kansas.


Motion by Hartman, Second by Kelly, Approved 4-0 to enter into executive session pursuant to non-elected personnel matters exception, KSA 4319(b)(1), in order to discuss performance, job duties, and benefits of non-elected personnel, the open meeting to resume at 7:40PM


Clerk Johnson called in at 7:30PM.  Open meeting resumed at 7:40PM.  Council asked Clerk Johnson to gather information about health insurance coverages/plans and costs from KMIT, Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce, and Kansas Rural Water Association.


Motion by Hartman, Second by Kelly, Approved 4-0 to table insurance benefit discussion until December 12, 2023 meeting


Moved by Hartman, Second by Kelly, Approved 4-0,

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