Uniontown 4-H Club November Report

Submitted by Marley Sutton

On Sunday, November 10th, numerous Uniontown 4-H Club members attended the Southwind 4-H District achievement banquet in Fort Scott.


The following members received their Member in Good Standing achievement pins:

Tucker Sutton, Jack Endicott, Seth Shadden, Hailey Shadden, Will Maycumber, Austin Maycumber, Mackinlee Bloesser, Marley Sutton, McKinley Sutton, Calvin Walker, Jewell Endicott, Kendyl Bloesser, Maddie Ard, and Bariegh Farrell.


The following members received Kansas Award Portfolio recognition:

 Kendyl Bloesser, Mackinlee Bloesser, Marley Sutton, McKinley Sutton, Austin Maycumber, Will Maycumber, Jewell Endicott, Maddie Ard, and Bariegh Farrell


The following members received an officer book award: Reporter- Marley Sutton and  Historian- Mackinlee Bloesser


Melanie Bloesser and Sara Sutton received leadership recognition.


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